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3 Reasons to Get an AC Tune Up in Manhasset, NY This Summer

Responsible homeowners who want to keep their families safe and healthy this summer are advised to schedule an AC tuneup in Manhasset.  Summer is here, so it’s time to act now!

Why Get an AC Tuneup?

There are three important reasons to get your AC checked over by a licensed HVAC technician:

  1. Ensure a comfortable room temperature: This is, of course, the first thing that springs to mind when you think of an AC. Without air conditioning, indoor temperatures can soar to dangerous levels. For a healthy person, this can result in significant discomfort; but for those whose health is diminished for any reason, high temperatures can lead to heat stroke and dehydration. Moreover, if you have pets, it’s essential to realize they overheat much more quickly than humans. And heat stroke in a dog or cat can be lethal. That means that even if you’re away at work all day, you absolutely must have a well-functioning AC in order to keep your furry family members safe!
  2. Maintain the indoor environment quality: Manhasset summers aren’t just hot; they’re also humid, and moreover, the lush vegetation of the area causes the air to be loaded up with pollen. All of this means that people who are vulnerable to breathing problems and allergies can have a really hard time if they’re not in a property where the indoor environment is meticulously monitored by a well-functioning AC.
  3. Keep your energy bills low: A well-maintained AC functions efficiently, which means it will only consume the minimum amount of power necessary to cool and clean the air. However, an AC that’s not well-maintained has to work harder to perform, resulting in an increased energy consumption and higher energy bills.

Rebmann Helps Homeowners Prepare for the Summer

Clearly, it’s an investment in your and your family’s health, as well as your budget, to schedule an AC tuneup. So call Rebmann, your reliable HVAC specialist. For three generations, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Manhasset area get through the summer comfortably and cost-effectively… and we can do the same for you! Don’t wait till temperatures soar: call Rebmann for an AC tune up today!

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