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3 Tips For Successful AC Repair in Syosset

Given the choice as a resident and homeowner of Syosset, we’re guessing you’d rather be driving golf balls on the Bethpage Black Golf Course, or visiting the popular attraction, Oheka Castle, rather than fixing your air conditioner. However, chances are your family isn’t going to appreciate it very much during the summertime if all of a sudden your AC goes down and you don’t do anything about it!

At Rebmann Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, our AC specialists offer AC repair services in Syosset any time of the day or night, whenever you need us the most. We’re also here to guide you in your journey of maintaining an efficient air conditioning system. By maintaining and keeping up with your AC unit now, you’ll most likely save some significant cash tomorrow. That’s why our AC professionals have put together these 3 quick tips on how to keep up with your AC repairs in Syosset.

3 AC Repair Tips For Syosset Residents:

  1. Perform full-on inspections of your ducts, filters, blowers and coils for any possibility of blockage.
  2. Search for any cracks or broken sealants around your air conditioning unit.
  3. Observe the outdoor handlers for any debris or obstructions that would cause a clog and prevent your AC system from doing its job properly. Standard air conditioning units need about 3 feet of clearance for efficient air flow to occur.

Of course, if you find yourself in a more involved and complex air conditioning situation, our AC experts are here for you.

And just because we want to give you the best customer experience as possible, here’s a bonus 4th tip that is more on how to prevent AC repairs from even being needed in the first place!:

  1. Hire our services to execute, regular, air conditioning maintenance checkups at least once a year.

3 Air Conditioning Situations That Require Professional Attention

Here are a few examples of when NOT to attempt AC repairs, and simply call our AC experts to step in and safely take care of the situation:

  1. You find any old and broken AC power cords.
  2. Your AC condenser coil is frozen.
  3. Any issue involving Freon (AC refrigerant).

So give our professionals a call at Rebmann Plumbing for all of your AC repair needs in Syosset or for more helpful tips!

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