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AC Installation in Glen Cove: Act Now and Enjoy the Rest of the Summer

If your home is unbearably hot this summer, then here’s some good news: there’s still time for AC installation in Glen Cove!

Reasons to Choose New AC Installation in Glen Cove

Summers in New York can be extremely hot and humid. Especially in late July and August, temperatures can rise to well over 90 degrees during heat waves that can last a week or longer. And when it’s this hot, then you simply need properly functioning air conditioning. Here’s why:

  • A poorly functioning or outdated air conditioner is likely to deliver subpar performance, cooling intermittently, not enough or not at all.
  • When an AC isn’t functioning properly, it consumes more energy… which translates to higher energy bills.
  • A broken AC can make a lot of noise or emit an unpleasant odor, polluting your living environment.
  • Ventilation alone isn’t enough to cool yourself, your family and your pets. Even if you have all the windows and doors in the home open to create a cross breeze and employ fans to generate even more air movement, you’re just moving hot, humid air around.

With a new air conditioner, you can keep your entire home cool without breaking the bank. What’s more: the air will be filtered, removing much of the humidity and pollutants and effectively improving your indoor air quality.

Selecting the Right AC with Rebmann’s Expert HVAC Technicians

The team of expert HVAC technicians at Rebmann can help you select the right type of air conditioning system for your home. Depending on the layout and your needs, we might suggest a central air system that doubles as a heater in the winter. If you don’t have any ducts and want a localized AC system, you might be better off with a mini-split ductless appliance. And if you simply need cooler air at low cost, then a room or window-mounted air conditioner might be the best option.

To find out more about AC installation in Jericho, call the team of HVAC specialists at Rebmann today! Remember: homeowners and business owners have been relying on our services for more than 75 years, so you can be sure to get top-notch, affordable service!

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