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Albertson Residents: Is It Time for a Tankless Water Heater?

Have you heard of the new water heater regulations? Basically, the Department of Energy has raised the efficiency standards of water heaters, which means manufacturers will no longer be making current models of conventional water heaters come April 15th. If your water heater breaks after April 15th, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the newer models, which are approximately 2″ larger and up to 35% more expensive.

In response, the experts here at Rebmann have been encouraging homeowners to avoid the hassle of installing a larger and more expensive water heater by replacing their water heater now instead of waiting for it to break. If you have a water heater that is:

  • Excessively Loud
  • Visibly Rusted or Corroded
  • Delivering Lackluster Heating Performance
  • Creating Expensive Utility Bills
  • Leaking
  • Past its Warranty (About 6 Years Old)

Then it’s time to call Rebmann Plumbing and invest in a new water heater system.

But perhaps instead of simply getting a direct replacement of your old, conventional, tank-type water heater, you may want to consider a new form of water heating. What if you could have endless hot water on demand while still paying less for your monthly energy bills? What if you could have a more efficient water heater that would meet the new efficiency standards without the inconvenient size increase? With a tankless water heater installation from the Albertson plumbers at Rebmann, now you can.

Why Make the Switch to Tankless Water Heating?

Most homeowners in Albertson, NY have older homes with traditional tank-type water heaters — in fact, this is true for the better part of Long Island. But lately, tankless water heaters have been rising in popularity not only here but in the rest of the country as well. Tankless water heaters can provide a wide array of advantages for Albertson homeowners, including:

  • Better Efficiency– There’s a reason the DOE is raising efficiency standards for conventional water heaters. Current models are very wasteful and frequently lose up to 30% of the heat they generate. Tankless water heaters are significantly more energy efficient, meaning a reduced carbon footprint and overall better performance.
  • Energy Savings– Rather than heat water in a storage tank 24/7, the tankless water heating model only applies energy when you open a hot water faucet. That means you don’t waste money on heat you don’t need!
  • Perpetual Hot Water– Hot water on-demand means you never run out. No more cold showers after someone uses all of the hot water! A tankless water heating system will ensure you always can get the temperature you need.
  • More Available Space– The typical tankless water heater is about the size of a carry on bag — whereas conventional water heaters come with a 40 to 80 gallon tank! Skip the clunky device and switch to a simple, sleek, and easy-to-install tankless model. You won’t have to cut holes in your walls or otherwise damage your home installing this device, and it fits on nearly any wall.

So is it time to switch to tankless water heating, Albertson? Rebmann Plumbing thinks so! Call our experts to schedule a tankless water heating consultation for your Albertson home today.

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