Signs You Need Drain Cleaning This Spring

5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

How often do you think about the health of your drain system? We often take for granted how many things our drain systems allow us to do each day. It lets your family get water at the turn of a tap, take showers, and clean dishes and clothing. When you use any of these systems, the water drains easily through your pipes. But what happens when your drain system isn’t performing at its best? You may need to call the professionals at Rebmann Plumbing to schedule a drain cleaning and get your system back to its top performance. We’ve put together the five signs your drains need professional cleaning.

Slow Draining Sinks and Showers

Is your sink slow to drain lately? Does your shower or tub seem to drain forever? If you’re noticing these symptoms each time you run the faucet or take a shower it might be a sign of a larger drain issue. A store-bought drain drainer can only do so much- when you call Rebmann we’ll ensure your drains are cleared the first time.

Toilet Overflows

Toilets clog and overflow- it happens to everyone on occasion. But if you’re constantly cleaning up after an overflowing toilet, there’s a bigger issue at hand. Especially if you have two toilets clogging at once, it’s best to call a licensed plumber to inspect the issue.

Water Backup

If your drains back up with water every time you run the sink or turn on the shower, it’s the sign of a larger drain problem. If the water is backed up in other drains while you run a separate tap, you may have unforeseen water damage.

Foul Odor

Do your drains have a foul smell? This can be a clog of old grease that is rotting away or other debris caught in your system. If you can smell any type of sewage, then the problem may be bigger than a normal clog. No matter the issue, odd smells from your drains are a reason to call a professional.

Sewage Backup

A blocked drain can lead to sewage leakage in the most serious cases. This may appear as puddling on your lawn as the sewage escapes the pipes and leaks into the ground. This is very unsanitary and should be addressed by a professional immediately.

Why Call Rebmann Plumbing For Drain Cleaning?

Rebman Plumbing has been serving Long Island homeowners for three generations providing the most dependable and trusted home services. We know local homes and plumbing systems better than anyone. Why go through this more than once? With Rebmann, we’ll get the job done right the first time. When your drains need professional cleaning, call Rebmann! 

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4 Benefits of Frequent Drain Cleaning in New York

Like any area of your home, drains can fall into disrepair and need some attention. Whether its loose hairs, food debris, or dried cleaning products, it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with drains clogging. You can call Rebmann to help alleviate your drain clogs and perform a professional drain cleaning. However, what you should be doing is performing frequent drain cleaning so they don’t clog in the first place. There are many benefits to getting frequent drain cleaning for your New York home.

Here are four drain cleaning benefits for your New York home:


Efficient draining

Unsurprisingly, clogged drains have difficulty draining water and any debris that goes down them. When they’re clear, water will quickly drain down them and you won’t have to worry about overflowing or instances of standing water. This is especially important for toilet drains, as backflow problems involving sewage can be especially nasty.


Improved pipe lifespan

Among the things that can buildup in your drains are various chemical deposits. These chemicals can cause damage to the pipes they’re in and eventually cause a leak. By getting routine cleaning for your pipes, you can keep your pipes from getting corroded, improving their lifespan.


Prevent foul odors

You probably think toilets are the only parts of your plumbing system that can get smelly. However, any dirty drain can raise a big stink if it doesn’t get a proper and regular cleaning. Mold spores grow best in dark, damp areas, and your drains have both in excess. Even the regular flow of water may not be enough to wash those spores away. By diligently cleaning your drains, you can prevent the buildup of mold spores and bacteria that could make your home reek.


Avoid damage to your home

Did you know that chemicals that buildup in your drains can corrode the pipes and cause leaks? Also, you know how backflow can happen from a clogged pipe? When these things happen, your home can face water damage that requires repairs. It’s especially nasty when the leak comes from a clogged pipe full of sewage. All of those disgusting chemicals and bacteria will be able to get loose and damage your walls and floors. Frequently cleaning your drains can prevent the problems that lead to backups and water damage.


Why call Rebmann to clean my drains?

With nearly a century of experience in the Long Island plumbing business, our licensed technicians and professional staff share a breadth of service industry expertise. We offer a wide variety of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning restoration in a variety of residential homes, commercial buildings, and large facilities across both the north and south shores of Long Island. In addition to our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, our one-year warranty on all products and services allows our customers to be confident in making Rebmann their choice for home and business plumbing service needs. Call Rebmann today to schedule your drain cleaning!

5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

The drain system is the heart of your family’s sanitation needs. It allows you to shower, clean dishes, eliminate waste, and get fresh drinking water right from the tap. But what happens when your drain system isn’t performing up to snuff? You may need to call the professionals at Rebmann Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a drain cleaning. There are 5 telltale signs that you’re in need of a drain cleaning in Long Island this year.

Slow Draining Sinks and Showers

Is your sink slow to drain lately? Does your toilet have a sluggish flush? If you are constantly using chemical drain cleaners that don’t fix the problem, then you are a candidate for drain cleaning in Long Island. When you’re noticing these symptoms each time you run the faucet or flush, it might be a sign of a larger drain issue. 

Water Backup

If your bathtub or sink fills with water each time you use them, it is a sign of a clogged drain. If you have drains in other parts of your home, these backups can lead to water damage. It is important to have a drain cleaning in Long Island when you first notice issues before they turn into damaging plumbing events. 

Foul Odor

Do your drains smell? If so, there may be something in there causing an issue. This can be a clog of old grease that is rotting away, or perhaps a rodent stuck in the pipe. If you can smell any type of sewage, then the problem may go beyond an ordinary clog. No matter the reason, foul smells coming from your drain is a sign to call a professional.

Toilet Overflows

Toilets clog and overflow on occasion. But if you find yourself constantly cleaning up an overflowing toilet, there is an underlying issue. Especially if you notice that two toilets are clogging at once, this is a sign to call a professional for drain cleaning in Long Island. Toilets have a direct line to the sewer, so if two are clogging together it means a bigger problem.

Sewage Backup

In the most advanced cases of blocked drains, it can lead to sewage backup. This can present itself as puddling on your lawn as the sewage escapes the drains and leaks into the ground. This process is extremely unsanitary and a serious warning sign to call a plumber.


Why Choose Rebmann Plumbing to handle your drain cleaning?

  • 3 Generations of serving Long Island
  • Master Plumbing license
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Better Business Bureau Accreditation

If you are experiencing two or more of the issues above at once, call us sooner rather than later. A small plumbing issue can easily escalate into a bigger one.

Save yourself the hassle of slow drains and backups by getting a drain cleaning in Long Island with Rebmann Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. 

Seven Signs That You Need a Holiday Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can be a frustrating nuisance, but having a dirty drain during the holidays could mean bursting pipes in your home. The winter season already puts enough strain on your plumbing, freezing your pipes and wearing down your water heater. No homeowner wants a home flooded from a burst pipe, which is why it’s important to keep your drains clear this holiday season.

When You Should Clean Your Drains

  • Water starts to back up. When using the faucet, bathtub, or shower, the water should always drain. Water should never go up your drains, but if you notice after flushing a toilet or running the faucet that water starts to back up versus drain down, it could be a clogged drain.
  • Foul odors. One of the most unpleasant warning signs of a clogged drain is the foul odor of sewage. A drain that’s clogged accumulates all the waste that’s flushed down the drains until the odors come back out the drains. Kitchens with garbage disposal can also be notorious for foul sewage odors, especially when enough food particles build up inside your drains.
  • Odd sounds. Listen carefully to your drains. When a drain is blocked, water is then forced through small spaces or to change course which can result in bubbling or gurgling sounds. If you start to hear odd gurgling sounds from your drain, it’s time to clean your drains.
  • Frequent clogs. Clogs can be a common plumbing problem, but if they happen often enough, it could be caused by a clogged drain. Some clogs can be resolved with a plunger or drain cleaner, but if you notice the same fixture keeps clogging regardless, you’ll need a plumber to professionally clean your drains.
  • Multiple clogs at the same time. Not all clogs require calling in a plumber, but multiple clogs at once are problematic. If you notice multiple different fixtures have clogged all at once, it means there is a clog deeper inside your sewer line and requires a professional drain cleaning.
  • Slow drains. A slow drain is one of the most common signs of a clogged drain, as no water fixture should have a slow drain. Watch your sinks and water appliances. If you notice it takes more time than usual to drain the sink or your washer or dishwasher is still full after the cycle, it’s time to clean your drains.
  • Fruit or drain flies. Any buildup of food or waste inside your drains will attract flies. Tiny fruit flies are more than just an annoying pest; they can become a health risk, and are usually attracted to the scent of a clogged drain. Drains flies are another pest to watch out for, as they like to breed in drains and sewer lines. If your home has some clogged drains, you might start to notice drain flies buzzing in your bathroom.

How to Clean Your Drains and Keep Them Clogged Free

 Knowing when to clean your drains is a good place to start, but it’s best to start habits that keep your drains clean and prevent future clogs. A clogged drain left untreated can result in costly plumbing problems, but luckily they can be avoided with proper care and cleaning practices. Here’s what you can do to keep your drains clean this holiday season.

  • Avoid chemical drain cleaners. Although chemical drain cleaners can be an easy and instant fix for some clogs, they’re incredibly toxic and eat at your pipes over time. There are several non-toxic drain cleaners available such as vinegar and baking soda, which work naturally well to eliminate odors and flush down any stuck waste.
  • Avoid flushing down food waste. Garbage disposals are great if you have them, but contrary to what you might think, it’s to flush down as little food waste as possible. Most foods will clog your drains and break down the blades. Kitchen sinks without a garbage disposal are even less equipped to handle any food waste that goes down the drain. Do your best to avoid flushing food down by scraping and rinsing your plates. Avoid flushing down fats, greases, and oils, as well as starchy foods.
  • Use drain strainers. It’s not just food waste that clogs your drains, but hair, soap scum, and other random debris, which is why it helps to place drain strainers on top of your drains. Make sure to periodically clean out your drain strainers so that your drains can drain properly.

If you need drain cleaning services this holiday season, call Rebmann! 

3 Reasons Why Rebmann is the Best Drain Cleaner in Manhasset, NY

Are you struggling with slow moving, sluggish drains? That can be a nightmare. Aside from being unsanitary and annoying, if left unchecked clogged drains only worsen over time. Don’t ignore the problem. Instead call on us. We’re here to help! Keep reading to see why Rebmann Plumbing is the best drain cleaner in Manhasset, NY.

1. Experience: With almost a hundred years of experience under our belts, we know the plumbing industry inside and out. No one unclogs a drain as cleanly and quickly as we do. We’re so confident in our drain cleaning service that we proudly offer our customers a one-year warranty on all the products we sell and all the services we offer.

2. Expertise: Not only do our years of experience work in your favor, those years have also provided us with a wealth of expertise. Check out our website for testimonials from satisfied customers. Our skilled, trained, professional servicemen know their stuff! We’re proudly certified by the Better Business Bureau and the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Contractors Association.

3. Expense: We proudly provide you with service you can depend on at a price you can afford. Our drain cleaning services offer affordability and reliability that naturally go hand-in-hand. Call or visit us online anytime for a fast, no-obligation quote. We’ll also fill you in on our financing options and service contract agreements. In no time flat, we’ll have your drains running like a well-oiled machine.

Founded in the early part of 1930, we still take a great deal of pride in our family owned business. Let our family meet the needs of your family and make your home a more comfortable place to be. Simply put, we are the best drain cleaner in Manhasset, NY, and we intend to stay that way. Call us today and see why so many NY area customers make Rebmann Plumbing their preferred choice for residential and commercial plumbing.

4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with Drain Cleaning in Syosset, NY

Perhaps you’re a homeowner who isn’t afraid to roll up the sleeves and get their hands dirty, especially when it comes to drain cleaning in Syosset, NY. And, hey, we respect that.  Just remember, as with anything involving your plumbing, you need to make sure you’re taking the proper steps to get drains cleaned. Since most homeowners who decide to do some DIY drain cleaning aren’t licensed professionals, they are more prone to make mistakes that will damage the plumbing system more than anything else.

The team at Rebmann Plumbing is here to help you make your next round of DIY drain cleaning in Syosset, NY one that doesn’t result in a total plumbing disaster. The space for mistakes is wide, but we want to narrow it a little more. In addition, we are also available at any point this summer to provide quick, comprehensive drain cleaning service aimed at keeping clogs far away from drains. Our plumbers are licensed and experienced to know what drain cleaning solution is perfect for your plumbing system.

Drain Cleaning in Syosset, NY: What Should You Avoid?

All too often, we see homeowners make the same mistakes over and over again with drain cleaning. Don’t fall into a similar trap and instead avoid:

  1. Over-Reliance on Chemical Drain Cleaner: Many homeowners will simply drop as much chemical drain cleaner down their drains as soon as possible and think that will be enough to fix the problem. While there’s no denying chemical drain cleaner is effective, it should be used sparingly. The chemicals can actually cause physical damage to your drains if you’re not careful.
  2. Using a Garden Hose: Yes, believe it or not, plenty of homeowners think it’s okay to use a garden hose at high pressure to clean out drains. The effect would be something similar to hydro jetting. However, since it’s done without any regards to water pressure, this method also brings more damage to your drains than intended.
  3. Misusing Garbage Disposals: A garbage disposal is a great tool in chopping up larger pieces of waste before they enter your drains, but over usage or misusage can prevent it from working properly. This includes having the blades of the disposal begin to dull, or inserting foods that simply don’t belong there like larger pieces of produce and paper products.
  4. Taking Apart Piping: Some homeowners will even be so inclined to take apart piping to remove a clog. Only one problem though: it can be difficult putting it back together, especially if a person doesn’t have the know-how.. This leaves homeowners in a tricky situation where they aren’t only paying for drain cleaning, but also on repiping service.

Contact Rebmann Plumbing today if you want excellent service on drain cleaning in Syosset, NY!

How Can You Conduct Drain Cleaning in Syosset, NY?

Sometimes, it’s tempting to ignore a problem in the hopes that it will just resolve itself. Specifically in the case of drains, it’s tempting to believe that whatever is clogging your drain will eventually dislodge itself and disappear. The truth is, though, that letting your drain remain clogged for an extended period of time is likely to make the problem worse. Before you know it, the buildup in your drain could cause fluid to stop moving altogether and back up, in turn creating flooding and water damage — both of which are costly and time-consuming headaches that nobody wants to deal with. So if you need drain cleaning in Syosset, NY, here are a few things you can do to make sure your pipes keep going with the flow.

  • Start simple — don’t jump to conclusions about how bad the problem is: You might think your drain is hopelessly clogged, but sometimes the solution is a lot simpler than you expect. Simply running a good amount of hot water (the hotter the better) down the drain can take care of the problem.
  • Consider all-natural drain cleaning solutions: Chemical drain cleaners might work wonders for you, but they can also cause significant and permanent damage to your pipes that can lead to even more problems later on. Give your pipes a bit of a break by trying an all-natural solution: for example, if you pour a half a cup of baking soda down your drain followed by a half a cup of vinegar, you can generate a drain-cleaning reaction and wash out your pipes with a healthy dose of hot water.
  • If all else fails, send down the snake: Sometimes, trying to blast a clog out with liquid just won’t do the trick, which means your next plan of action is to go after it manually. A snake will bend its way around your pipes until it pushes the blockage out, but anything around the house that can reach around the shape of the pipes — like a bent coat hanger — can also work.

If you’ve expended your DIY solutions and that pesky clog just won’t go away, or if you’re not confident in your ability to remove it yourself, don’t be afraid to call a plumber. The professionals at Rebmann Plumbing have the experience and knowledge to help with drain cleaning in the most safe and efficient way, so give them a ring if you’re at the end of your rope (or snake) with that insufferable clog in Syosset, NY.

Expert Drain Cleaning Service in Manasset, NY

Isn’t it funny that no one really thinks about their drains until they’re no longer draining? You run the water, it disappears, everything’s great. But if you run the water and nothing happens, then suddenly you’re very much aware of your drains and you’ve got a decision to make – call a professional drain cleaning service, or try and clear the drain yourself.

Of course, the commercials make it seem so simple. Pour some goo down the drain, wait 20 minutes, and your clog magically disappears. But what they don’t tell you is that over time, that goo can corrode your pipes and open up a whole new set of problems. Really expensive ones.

What Causes Drain Clogs?

In a word, anything. Anything that can get into your pipes has the potential to clog them. But it’s exceedingly rare that something will accidentally fall into your drains and clog them, so if you’ve got a stoppage, as hard as it may be to face, it’s more than likely your fault.

Some of the things that frequently clog drains are:

  1. Hair. If you don’t have a trap in your shower and you don’t see any hair after you shampoo, it’s got to be somewhere, right?
  2. Food. Some people seem to think they have a garbage disposal when the truth is they don’t. Small food particles can move through, but the bigger pieces get caught.
  3. Grease. If you’ve ever seen grease coagulate, this one should come as no surprise. Once it hardens on the inside of pipes, it’s there until someone does something about it.
  4. Certain toilet paper. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra. The bargain brand toilet papers don’t dissolve as well in water and can become a real problem.

Keeping your drains free of all of these potential clogging agents – and any others that may end up in there – should keep your water flowing, but if not, be sure to contact a professional!

Are you looking for some expert drain cleaning service in the Manhasset area? Then look to Rebmann! Rebmann has the experienced professionals to handle all of your residential Long Island drain clog problems.


Long Island Plumber: Spring Cleaning Means Drain Cleaning!

Stay Ahead of Drain Problems with a Cleaning by Rebmann Plumbing

Now that warmer weather is just about here, it is time to start thinking about your drains. We know – drains may not be at the front of your mind, but they should be!

This critical part of your home’s infrastructure is too easily ignored until there is a problem like a backed-up sink or smelly toilet bowl. The best way to get ahead of this is with a high-quality, proactive drain cleaning.

If your drain empties slower than molasses on a cold day, chance are you already have a clog somewhere deep in your home’s pipes. Backed-up toilets and waste drainage, on the other hand, could mean there is a foul smell wafting through your home. Either way, you deserve drains that run smoothly—there is little better than a hot shower at the end of the day, and nothing more annoying than standing in an inch of water because the drain is clogged.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

  1. Constant water pressure: A clogged drain could impede the flow of water through your shower head and when you flush the toilet. There are few things more irritating than stepping under what you expect to be a powerful shower spray and getting a trickle instead.
  2. A healthier home: When your drains back up, they might bring wastewater back into your home. This is obviously not good, but a high-quality drain cleaning can stop this from happening before it is too late.
  3. Lower chance of pipe damage: If your drains are not cleaned regularly, there is a chance that clogs can build up inside your pipes and damage the entire system. This could cause flooding in your basement and cost thousands of dollars in repairs.


Get a professional drain cleaning this spring before the first rainstorm to make sure your pipes can handle the coming wet. Call the experts at Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning today!

Common Causes of Sewer Smells on Your Long Island Property

What’s That Smell? A Long Island Plumbing Problem…

If you smell an unpleasant or foul odor around your Long Island home or business, call a professional. Don’t hesitate. Nasty odors could be a sign of a variety of plumbing-related problems that require immediate, professional attention due to sanitary issues and possible health concerns.

Stay Informed. Know What’s Happening With Your Sewer.

While we suggest quickly contacting a plumber to properly address any and all sewage-related problems, we do think it’s important that Long Islanders are made aware of the possible sewer issues that sometimes arise. As a home or business owner, it’s always best to be informed so that preventative measures may be taken before a plumbing emergency occurs.

Here are a few of the more common causes of Long Island sewer smells:

  1. Dried Up or Broken Sewage Traps: We often find these in older Long Island homes where poor maintenance has led to deterioration. Sewage traps function to keep water and waste in motion, so if this trap dries out, an odor will no doubt ensue.
  2. Backed-Up Waste: Waste can back up through a variety of different plumbing fixtures. Low horsepower garbage disposals and toilets may need to be updated to keep waste moving along its destination.
  3. Improper Drain Cleaning: Pushing waste along with a makeshift drain snake or over-the-counter toxic liquid plumbing solution won’t help. This serves only to relocate the problem, and will cause your drains to clog again, and again, and again. Sedentary waste will naturally give off an unpleasant odor, but it will also cause your pipes to rust and corrode. Contact a professional at Rebmann and we’ll manage your drain clog problem once and for all

Don’t waste time when it comes to nasty sewage stench. Call the experts at Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for a quick and affordable solution.