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Choosing a Licensed Plumber in Roslyn, NY

Here in Long Island, you have plenty of options in service professionals — but what plumbers are truly going to do the best work for your home? When considering a home improvement or making an emergency repair, always make sure the technician arriving at your house is licensed to use the tools he’s carrying!

And we don’t just mean he needs any license, because without a New York state licensed you won’t know how to achieve code compliance in your installations and maintenance. Really, the key to finding high quality home service professionals is asking the right questions. Before you allow anyone to work on your home, ask them the following:

Question: Are they licensed and certified for residential service in New York?

Each state has different licensing  requirements and code compliance regulations. In order to ensure that your plumber is familiar with all of the legislation and required safety measures, ask if your professional has state licensing to perform the service they’ve been called to do. Here at Rebmann Plumbing, all of our professionals are 100% licensed, uniformed, and respectful.

Question: What accreditation does their company have?

Here at Rebmann, we’re proud of our reputation. We’ll gladly tell you that we’re an authorized Nexstar service provider, which means we benefit from Nexstar training and information on account of our long-standing dedication to professionalism in our service.

Nexstar is a leading national organization comprised of independent service businesses, and our membership allows us to further hone in on delivering exceptional service.

Is the contractor you’re working with Nexstar certified?

Question: How up to date is the plumbing company with recent technology changes?

The service industry is growing fast, and the result is a great deal of innovations that make life a great deal simpler for homeowners and professionals alike. Here at Rebmann, our plumbers are in a program and continuing education, which means that they stay in tune to major technology updates in the plumbing field.

For example, our plumbers are trained to apply trenchless solutions to pipe and sewer repairs in order to avoid costly and destructive excavation. Does their company provide cured-in-place-piping or pipe bursting measures? Or can they use hydrojetting (also known as high water pressure jetting) for drain restoration and cleaning? If your plumber isn’t fully up to date with the latest technology and training, you won’t have as many options at your disposal. Ask any plumber who comes to your home: does their company provide continuing education?

Call Rebmann Plumbing for licensed plumbing solutions can complete peace of mind in Roslyn today!

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