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Clogged Toilet in Garden City, NY

A common occurrence and here’s why


Clogged toilets are pretty common. Hardly ever would someone question why their toilet isn’t flushing. They’ll typically just grab their plunger and try to relieve the problem that way. But what happens when it’s a common occurrence and you’re noticing clogs more frequently? Are you wondering what could be causing it now?

Sometimes it really is as simple as too much toilet paper. Today’s brands are more durable, which means great for consumers, but bad for your plumbing. Too much of that could cause your pipes to become blocked. Other times it’s something else stuck down there – like a children’s toy, a toothbrush,  a hair clip, etc.

If you have stopped using too much toilet paper and asked your children to stop throwing toys in the bowl, there could be a problem with the main drain. If you notice your sinks are also running slowly, it may be time to contact a professional.

If you have a septic system and you are noticing a clog, the tank needs to be pumped out to prevent future clogs. This, too, will require professional help.

Call Rebmann today if you have a clog you just can’t get rid of and we’ll take care of it for you!

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