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DIY Toilet Repair in Long Island

For major plumbing issues, you should call a professional to address the problem quickly and efficiently. In the case of small toilet repairs, however, there are a few instances where you can take matters into your own hands and fix basic issues. The Rebmann Plumbing team still suggests getting in touch for major issues, but there are a few fixes that Long Island homeowners can handle on their own.

Toilet Repairs You Can Handle

The modern residential toilet consists solely of mechanical parts, and is unique because only the tank has any parts that could possibly break. It’s also easy to see, once you take the tank lid off, if any problems are happening when you flush. If the water keeps running, for example, there may be an issue with the overflow valve or perhaps the stopper doesn’t have a proper seal. There are a few toilet repairs Long Island homeowners can manage themselves, simply because of the mechanical nature of the residential toilet. These include:

  • A stopper ball seal failure. The stopper ball in the toilet tank is what opens to let the water out during a flush; if it’s not seated properly, then the tank won’t refill. You can purchase a new stopper ball, or even a new washer if that’s the problem, and easily replace them yourself.
  • The float lever isn’t seated correctly. Without the float lever seating properly, your tank won’t refill and the toilet will sound like it’s still running. If the float lever appears to be off, jiggle it slightly to make sure it sits where it needs to.
  • A damaged ballcock valve. The ballcock valve is the main piece that makes the toilet flush. If it’s damaged, you should replace it. Alternately, there could also be a fault washer, which means you need to shut off the water and flush to empty the tank. Once that’s done, you can remove the ballcock valve and either replace it or the washer sealing it to the toilet.

These DIY toilet repairs can help Long Island homeowners fix some basic issues without spending a lot of time or money. For everything else, Rebmann Plumbing is ready to help.

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