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Don’t Get Stuck in the Cold! Prepare for These Common Long Island Wintertime Plumbing Problems

Important to Winterize Your Home to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Frigid winter days have arrived and now it’s time to prepare your homes, businesses, and yourselves for changes in temperature, and perhaps even more overwhelming, the holidays. How will these two things affect our plumbing and heating systems? The reality is, quite a bit.

Most Popular Calls Received This Time of Year

  1. Clogged Toilets: We receive an abundance of clogged toilet calls around the holidays. Overuse from visiting family and friends tends to tax toilet systems. We suggest making sure everything is in proper working order before they arrive. It could be time for a toilet bowl upgrade. The right toilet tank or bowl upgrade installation will not only prevent future clogs, but will also work to reduce energy consumption and save homeowners money on monthly water bills. At Rebmann, we are fully-stocked and ready to install Toto or Koehler brand name upgrades.
  2. Broken Garbage Disposals: It may seem as though just about anything can and should be tossed into the garbage disposal, but just like any other household plumbing fixture or appliance, garbage disposals also need a little care and attention. Some of the worst culprits include stringy foods, dairy, foreign objects like toys, grease, and oil. Consider a garbage disposal upgrade to higher horsepower before the family arrives.
  3. Frozen Pipes: Many Long Island homeowners simply forget to winterize their house or do so improperly. This is particularly prevalent in a region with so many summer homes. Unfortunately for the home owner, each winter we find ourselves frequently responding to emergency calls for burst or frozen pipes. All exterior plumbing (outdoor showers/faucets, irrigation systems, and hoses) must be entirely drained and flushed before the weather cools down.

Contact Rebmann today for a fixture upgrade or to learn more about preparing your home or business for another cold winter!

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