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FAQ About Long Island Heat Pump Installations

Heat Pumps Benefit Everyone, So Don’t be Left Out This Winter Season

As the cold air continues to swoop in upon our shores, Long Islanders are beginning to think about staying warm. As home- and business-owners consider heating maintenance and installation ideas, we continue to receive an abundance of calls and questions about heat pumps.

We thought it would be especially useful this time of year to set up a Q&A to help inform our readers, customers, and potential customers.

Q: What are heat pumps?

A: Heat pumps are an efficient variety of home heating systems.

Q: How do heat pumps work?

A: Heat pumps use reduced energy to transfer heat from one location, usually the ground or the air, to another where it is needed. Essentially heat pumps move air from heat sources to what are called heat sinks, in this case, your Long Island home or business.

Q: Who needs a heat pump?

A: The simple answer is everyone. No, really. Of course we know that heat pumps work to heat your home, but they do so in such an efficient and cost-effective manner that everyone benefits.

Q: What are the benefits of installing a heat pump?

A: The number one benefit of heat pumps is probably their energy efficiency. As energy efficient heating systems, heat pumps:

  1. Reduce spending costs
  2. Are environmentally friendly
  3. Can deliver up to three times more heat energy than the electrical energy in consumes
  4. Have personalized control systems that make for increased savings

Q: Why Rebmann?

A: For one, we are presently providing customers with a coupon good for $250 off any heat pump installation. We also bring nearly 100 years of experience and expertise to all types of Long Island residential and commercial heating systems. At Rebmann we are committed to assisting our customers through all aspects of design, installation, sales, and service.

Contact Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning today to learn more about how our heat pump solutions can help you, your family, and your business warm this winter.

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