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Furnace Replacement on Long Island

If a Rebmann technician is able to solve your home heating issue without replacing the furnace unit itself, he will.  In cases where a thermostat just needs fixing or the parts just need oiling, our standard tune-up services will not only solve your immediate problem but ultimately improve your efficiency, reduce your heating bills, and generally raise your quality of life this winter season.

However, in certain cases, furnace repair might not be enough to restore your furnace to its original rate of energy efficiency or bring it to the current standards.  In these situations, the smarter and more cost-effective move is to simply have your professional Rebmann technician update your home’s temperature control with a furnace replacement that pays for itself in utility bills.

But how do you know when you need a replacement? 

Normally, it takes a professional to truly tell, but there are certain signs that you can look for on your own:

  • Rising energy bills- If you have a natural gas system, you shouldn’t be paying more on heating month after month — gas prices aren’t rising, it’s a problem with your furnace! Equipment that is outdated wastes energy and doesn’t reach current standards.
  • Odors or noises coming from unit– Broken furnaces can create poor air quality in your room — they can even produce carbon monoxide if combustion is incomplete or uneven. Also, if your furnace bangs and clangs, that’s a sign it’s on its last legs.
  • The furnace is over 15 years old– The lifespan of a furnace is most commonly 16-20 years. If you’re in that range or older, the chances are that you’re paying far more on your utility bill than you should — and also that you’re risking a sudden break-down.

The Long Island winter is fast on its way, and we at Rebmann want you to be prepared.  Call a Rebmann professional for a pre-season inspection on your furnace today, and remember to have the Rebmann experts do your furnace replacement right when the time comes.

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