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Furnace Tune-Up in Long Island

How much do you pay to heat your home?

The answer is probably “too much” if you haven’t had your furnace maintained in the past year.  Why?  Because the fact is that your home’s furnace, like any other major appliance under 24 hour stress, has a limited lifespan.  After a few years, its capacity for heating your home is lowered.  After about a decade, its efficiency could suffer up to 80%!  All of that heating waste, either through poor ventilation or rusted, broken down pieces, is showing up on your utility bill.  Why pay for heat that you aren’t feeling in the winter months?

What’s worse is that a poorly maintained furnace is also a safety risk.  Since carbon monoxide is a bi-product of incomplete combustion, a heating system that isn’t operating properly could be producing CO fumes and placing your family at risk.

Having your furnace maintained annually by the Rebmann Heating experts can save you hundreds of dollars in utility spend AND give you peace of mind.  To ensure that your furnace is working correctly and that your family’s health is protected, look into a furnace tune-up today!

Regardless of whether you choose Rebmann or not, every furnace inspection should include these critical steps:

  • Check Ventilation– Cracks or gaps in your ventilation will waste the hot air being forced throughout your home. Our experts do complete checks of your vent pipes for any inadequacies and problems.
  • Safety Maintenance– All safety controls need to be thoroughly examined and adjusted.
  • Lubricate and Adjust all Moving Parts– Furnace’s are complicated machines, and they need to be seen by a professional handyman who will know how to check that all parts are in order.
  • Do a Complete System Check– No tune-up is complete until we’ve run your entire system to make sure you’re up and running.

A full description of our own tune-up process is available here on our furnace tune-up landing page.  Call Rebmann today for all of your furnace tune-up needs, and you’ll be safer and wealthier because of it!

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