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Furnace Tune-Up in Nassau County

In 2013, the polar vortex hit the tri-State area hard. 

For homeowners who had solid, high-efficiency heating systems, though, that winter was hardly different from all of the others: they had the same comfortable indoors, the same cozy family gatherings, and the same nice, relaxing holidays.

But the story was a bit different for those homeowners who had heating systems that weren’t properly maintained!  Manufacturers recommend that you have your furnace inspected once a year to ensure proper efficiency levels, safety controls, and total functionality.  Last year, if you didn’t have the maintenance done, you were at major risk of having a breakdown during the coldest weeks of the year.  Someone you know may have been left in the cold…or maybe it was your own home!

Why is it that furnaces always seem to stop working just when you need them most?  It’s more than just bad luck, since furnaces typically need to work harder in order to reach the thermostat setting on days when the temperatures are lowest.  That means that you’re most likely to have a break down when you need your heating most!

Many of the homeowners we did emergency repair or replacements for last winter could have spared themselves the trouble if they’d simply taken advantage of our pre-season furnace tune-ups!  For only $99, we’ll fix your whole home’s heating system to make sure that you make it safely and warmly through the winter months.  The services included in that tune-up are:

  • Troubleshoot entire unit
  • Adjust safety controls
  • Oil any rusted parts
  • Perform a complete system test

But a preseason tune-up is really much more than just those 4 general checks: it’s a comprehensive investment in the reassurance of having a heating system that is guaranteed to last.  Tune-ups improve your furnace’s energy efficiency, reduce your utility bills, and lengthen the lifespan of your machine.

So if your system is in disrepair or simply needs to be checks, call Lim Ric to have a comprehensive professional tune-up performed, and you’ll have peace of mind all winter long knowing that your furnace is not going to quit.  Schedule your pre-season tune-up with Rebmann today!

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