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Gas Boiler Installation in CITY

What’s the difference between oil and gas heating? The principle distinction is cost.

Every homeowner in Long Island should understand their energy bills at the end of the month — and potentially how to lower them!

That’s why the experts at Rebmann encourage you to learn more about natural gas heating before this winter is through. If you’re looking into boiler installation or boiler replacement, here’s why you should consider an oil to natural gas conversion:

Oil vs. Natural Gas

Your boiler burns fuel to create the pilot light that heats the water to heat your home. Regardless of whether your boiler creates steam or just heated water through radiant floorboard pipes, the amount of fuel you burn is going to depend on how high you set the thermostat. In turn, that determines how much money you spend every month.

The nice part about boilers is that they offer radiant heat to warm the surfaces of your home, which is in many ways superior to forced-air furnaces…however, if you’re using a gas boiler, you are probably not getting the performance that you’re paying for either way.

Here’s why. On average, homes that use oil heat will:

  • Pay More For Heat– Oil costs at least twice as much as natural gas since it isn’t domestic. In 2012, home’s with oil heating were estimated to pay over 2000 for That figure is subject to variation, but oil has not been cheaper than gas in decades — that’s probably why the number of oil-powered home heating systems has been in decline since the 1960s!
  • Have a Higher Carbon Footprint– Typically, oil furnace systems are significantly less efficient. That fact in combination with the more extensive carbon emissions of oil make it the less environmental choice. Fairly recently, the department of Energy in America passed legislation to higher the efficiency standards of water heaters…how far behind are gas boilers? That plays into the third point
  • Get Less Efficient Heat– Less efficient heat often means less effective heat, so you’ll be paying more for less with oil. Oil systems are generally far older and don’t have the innovations of the newer gas models. The industry will pretty soon be making the switch…will you?

So call Rebmann Plumbing and Heating to learn more about gas powered heat and gas boiler installation today. This investment could save you money and time for many years to come! Call today for a consultation.

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