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Gas Furnace Installation in Roslyn, NY

What fuel does your current furnace use to heat the air that heats your home? If you’re still relying on an oil powered heating system, you may have paid way too much for this winter’s heating bills! Is it time to have your old oil furnace swapped out for a natural gas powered device?

The Rebmann Heating professionals discuss in this week’s blog!

National Trends

Many homes in Long Island (and in all of the Northeast in general) are older and have had oil powered heating systems since they were originally built. That means that many homes were essentially grandfathered in to having oil heating!

But every year, thousands of homeowners decide to make the switch. They contact their local heating contractor and request oil to gas conversion. This is why natural gas powered heat accounts for the vast majority of the country right now, and the number of oil-powered systems in America has been in decline since the 1960s.

The switch between oil and natural gas can be a complicated process, and it requires a professional heating system technician who knows what he’s doing and how to operate according to local codes. So why do so many homeowners decide it’s worth it to make the switch?

 Oil Versus Natural Gas: Benefits of Gas Heating

Switching from oil heating to natural gas means that you can expect:

  • Lower Heating Bills– Natural gas is typically 20 to 30% less expensive than its counterpart.
  • A Reduced Carbon Footprint– Gas gives off significantly fewer carbon emissions than oil, meaning your home could be more environmentally friendly and still keep you warm.
  • More Versatile Home– Whereas oil is mainly just for your furnace, natural gas is used for heating, cooking, transportation, and powering electrical generators.
  • Better Heating Overall– Manufacturers are gradually starting to concentrate more on gas furnaces than gas boilers. Most of the best innovation regarding high efficiency devices is happening for natural gas machines!

Make 2015 the year you upgrade your home with a gas furnace installation from the Rebmann experts. Call Rebmann for gas furnace installation service today!

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