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Gas Generators: Why They Are Essential for Your Long Island Home or Business

Get Uninterrupted Home Protection While Saving Money

Not surprisingly, Long Island is naturally susceptible to hurricane season and winter storms. All of these can cause  power outages. A quality generator is absolutely essential for commercial productivity and residential safety.

If you live on Long Island, having a generator is a good plan in the case of an emergency.

How You Can Save Money with a Gas Generator

If you have an oil-powered generator, that’s a start, but you’re more than likely paying way too much. The good news is that there are a variety of rebates and coupons available for those interested in making the switch to energy-saving gas generators. At Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we help our customers find the best deals available.

National Grid offers reduced pricing on high efficiency equipment. Long Islanders may be entitled to up to $400 in rebates in addition to $1185 in equipment gift cards and Federal tax credits.

Rebmann helps facilitate this money-saving process. Here’s how it works:

  1. We survey your home and identify your existing heating equipment; ensuring proper sizing and functionality.
  2. We assist in contacting National Grid to find out if there’s gas available at your specific Long Island location.
  3. We facilitate paperwork through National Grid and file necessary town permits.
  4. We work to award you with the highest combination of rebates, gift cards, and tax credits available.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Generator

Gas generators are an efficient choice because they save energy and money while providing uninterrupted whole home protection. Other benefits and advantages include:

  1. Instant back-up power protection
  2. Power safety solutions for commercial and residential properties
  3. 8 kw to 60 kw options available
  4. Powered by Briggs and Stratton engines
  5. Automatic response—great for summer homes, no worries
  6. Uninterrupted service
  7. Warranties available
  8. 24-hour on-call emergency service

Following the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Long Islanders know it’s best to be prepared in advance of any weather emergency. We’ve worked hard to triumph over Sandy and will continue to meet any challenges that head our way.

Contact Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning today to learn more about our gas generator solutions. Our family-owned business has proudly defeated power outages across the greater Long Island community for nearly a century and we’re not going to back down now.

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