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Heat Pump Installation in Mineola

How’s the temperature in your home? If it feels cooler or warmer than you think it should, you might have problems with your heat pump. If so, it may be time to call in the professionals to have a look.

What’s a heat pump?

A heat pump is a device that’s designed to cool down hot air and heat up cooler air. So if you have a central HVAC system and you turn on the air conditioning, the heat pump is taking the warm air that’s already in your home and cooling it. If you turn on the heat, the heat pump is taking the cool (or cold) air in your home and warming it up. Either way, the heat pump is responsible for maintaining the ideal temperature in your home.

Heat pump behavior

Heat pumps, like any other mechanical part of your HVAC system, behaves in a certain way depending on the climate and time of year. One common one is when you’ve set your thermostat to a specific temperature and the room doesn’t reach it. This happens most often in extremely cold weather. Here’s what happens:

  1. The temperature outside drops to below 30 degrees.
  2. The temperature of the house drops below room temperature.
  3. The heat pump needs help bringing the heat back up, so electric resistance heaters kick in.
  4. When the heat pump and the heaters bring the house temperature to within a degree of room temperature, the heaters disengage.
  5. The heat pump continues to try and match the thermostat temperature, but can’t.

The above scenario is actually normal, and is how a heat pump will generally behave in frigid weather.

Heat pump problems

If you find you’re setting your thermostat and the temperature is never quite right during normal weather (that is, when it’s not the frozen dead of winter) then your heat pump may be faulty and you’ll need a new heat pump installation.

A heat pump install is a procedure best left to the experts, so if you need a heat pump installation in Mineola, contact the pros at Rebmann and they’ll take care of you. Call Rebmann today!

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