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How to Avoid Bad Pipe Repair in Roslyn

Have you ever seen a sewer pipe repair in process? It can be a fairly large procedure, especially if the situation requires excavation. A team is required to dig up the existing line, remove it carefully, and install new PEX piping in its place before refilling the entire hole. The result of excavation is frequently that your yard is broken apart and your landscaping is destroyed.

Not a pretty job.

So why not do everything you can to prevent needing pipe repair as an end result? In many cases, our pipes could last longer and have fewer problems if homeowners simply knew how to take care of their plumbing. When homeowners don’t properly maintain their drains, you wind up with a situation like the one in the photo! Instead of letting gradual plumbing problems build up and wreak havoc on your drains, avoid drain damage with these simple tips:

3 Tips for Drain Maintenance

Following these tips will improve the state of your plumbing and improve its life expectancy. The Rebmann Plumbing experts want to help you keep a safe and healthy home! Keep these items in mind, and your plumbing will immediately be better off:

  1. Throw Away Unauthorized Items– Rather than pouring grease into your kitchen sink or flushing absorbable hygiene products, just throw them away! Food products such as coffee grounds, tea leaves, rice, vegetable skins, and grease are not authorized for your garbage disposal, so they’re likely to cause issues. Similarly, nothing besides wastewater and toilet paper should go down your toilet — even “flushable” hygiene products are ill-advised. Sending unauthorized material down your drains may not cause back-ups the first, second, or even third time, but over the years they build into serious problems and require professional pipe repair to solve.
  2. Make Sure to Condition Hard Water– The Long Island area has a problem with hard water — both in public sources and private wells. “Hardness” in water means that there is excess mineral content, and it can cause tap water to have odd taste, smell, and texture…but even more so, it can cause plumbing appliances and pipes to have a lower life expectancy. Itchy skin after a shower, foul-smelling tap, and lime-scale build on dishware are tell-tale signs that you have a water quality problem. A whole home water conditioning system from Rebmann will not only give you crisper and better tasting water but will also protect your plumbing from the long term effects of hard water.
  3. Landscape Carefully– Especially at this time of the year, tree roots pose a major threat to drainage systems. Roots are designed to find moisture and nutrients wherever possible, and all too often they do so in your sewage lines. If tree root intrusion becomes too extensive, you may need pipe repair to permanently fix the problem. So if you decide to plant new trees in your yard, be sure you know where your underground sewer lines run so you can avoid them.

Should you ever need pipe repair in Roslyn, call the experts at Rebmann. Our plumbers are trained with the most state-of-the-art equipment in the field and can often offer trenchless solutions that circumnavigate excavation. Trenchless processes such as pipe-lining or pipe-bursting minimize digging by installing the new line inside of the existing one, sparing your yard unnecessary destruction.

Looking for quality pipe repair in Roslyn at an affordable price? Call the Roslyn pipe repair experts at Rebmann Plumbing today!

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