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HVAC Filters

Indoor air quality is more important than ever. From COVID to the Flu and dusty surfaces to bad smells, everyone is focusing on the air within their home and making sure it is as healthy and clean as possible. And, while a whole house indoor air purification system is always your best bet, your systems HVAC filters works whenever your system is running to help keep your home’s air clean.

What Is An HVAC Filter?

HVAC filters are inserted into your home’s HVAC equipment to remove small particles from the air as it flows through your equipment. HVAC filters work to remove the following from your home’s air:

  • dust
  • dirt
  • dander + fur
  • pollen
  • mold
  • and more!

Your filter also is in place to remove the above particles from your heating and cooling system. This helps protects your equipment’s parts, functionality and efficiency. After all, a furnace filled with dirt and dust isn’t going to operate as well as a clean system. And, when it comes to your HVAC system’s efficiency, a clean filter helps it run smoother with less energy, cutting annual energy bills by up to 15%!

Not All HVAC Filters Are Created Equal

There is a wide variety available when it comes to selecting your home’s HVAC filter, and it can be an overwhelming task. Not to mention that choosing the wrong filter can strain your system and/or hinder its operation while lowering its operating life. At Rebmann, we always recommend having a professional HVAC technician help you select the right type of HVAC filter for your Long Island home. An expert will consider the structure of your house, your family (including pets), your HVAC usage and your heating and AC system.

Our expert HVAC techs prefer Honeywell filters:

“Ordinary furnace filters may provide a bit of cleaning protection for your heating and cooling system, but most do not improve indoor air quality. You can improve the air quality in your home with Honeywell’s whole-house air cleaner filters. Honeywell air cleaning filters for your HVAC or furnace are up to 60 times more effective and efficient than typical one-inch fiberglass filters AND they last up to one year! Honeywell furnace HVAC air cleaning filters are easy to install and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all Honeywell furnace models AND most other common furnace and HVAC models such as Aprilaire, Space-Gard, Trion Air Bear, Trane or American Standard models.”


Contact Rebmann to learn which filter is right for your home today.

At Rebmann, we install all HVAC system filters, and we prefer the great filters from:

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