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Hybrid Heating Systems on Long Island

Hybrid heating systems are a highly effective and energy efficient way to keep your home warm. They consist of a gas furnace and electric heat pump. As new construction trends continue to emphasize energy savings and environmentally friendliness, hybrid heating systems have become more and more popular.

What is a Heat Pump?

Everyone understands what a furnace is, if not how it works. But heat pumps are still a bit of a mystery to many. How do they work? They use a low amount of energy to move heat from a “heat source” like the ground or air into a “heat sink” like your home. Basically, this means that it absorbs preexisting heat in the air or ground outside your home and pumps it inside your home.

And because they are powered by electricity, they don’t cost as much to operate as a natural gas or propane based furnace.

Hybrid Heating System Features

Hybrid heating systems are a whole house heating system that combines a traditional furnace and/or boiler with a heat pump. The presence of the heat pump helps the whole system operate more efficiently. That’s because for a heat pump to generate heat, it requires no actual combustion and therefore consumes no fuel. It device absorbs preexisting heat in the air or ground outside your home and pumps it inside your home.

Hybrid Heating System Benefits

  • Hybrid heating systems are an intelligent, efficient and versatile option that combines the strengths of a powerful oil or gas furnace with the energy saving possibilities of a heat pump.
  • With hybrid heating you can stay warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside, without ever losing control of your energy bills. That’s right—one of the best things about hybrid heating is its flexibility to work with multiple fuel sources.
  • This flexibility shields you from unpredictable fuel cost spikes. If your oil purchases start to become too “belt-tightening,” you can simply switch over your system and have your heat pump carry most of the heating load.
  • Although hybrid heating systems are a bit more expensive upfront than traditional systems but will pay for themselves typically within three to five years. And as an added bonus, homes with hybrid heat systems have higher resale values.
  •  Between the energy savings and the resale benefits hybrid heating systems with heat pumps adds value to a home in more ways than one.

It’s time you enjoyed the comfort a heat pump can bring you. Call Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning to schedule your installation today!

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