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Learn About Long Island Toilet Repair and Replacement

Age a Factor in Toilet Failure

There are plenty of good reasons to upgrade or install a new toilet bowl, especially before the holiday. Now is the perfect time to take action.

No homeowner wants to deal with clogged toilets when family and guests arrive. Not only are these potentially awkward situations, but toilet-related issues may be unsanitary. There are several preventative measures that can be taken to avoid clogs, but it’s important to know when it’s simply time for a replacement.

When is it Time for a New Long Island Toilet Bowl Installation?

If your toilet is experiencing frequent clogs or is consistently slow to drain, it’s time to call a Rebmann expert. Other signs include surface scratches and cracked porcelain or pipe. Age may also be a factor in toilet bowl failure. If yours is an older model, definitely consider an upgrade before overuse around the holidays worsens your home’s plumbing system.

Benefits of a New Long Island Toilet Bowl Installation

Installing a new and reliable toilet bowl before guests arrive for the holidays is a great idea, but more than that, new toilets can work to save you money.

Other benefits of installing a new toilet include:

  1. Water and energy conservation
  2. Clog prevention
  3. Reduced maintenance
  4. Lower monthly utility bills

Best-In-Class Long Island Plumbers

At Rebmann, we are committed to providing our Long Island residential and commercial customers with all aspects of design, installation, sales, and service. Our family-owned company has been serving Long Island residents and business-owners for nearly a century. Our fully-licensed and certified professionals work along both the north and south shores of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We are fully stocked and ready to install Toto and Koehler brand 1.6 gallon toilets.

Call Rebmann today to find out what the best toilet bowl upgrade or installation solution is for your Long Island commercial or residential property.

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