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Long Island Plumbing Myths Busted!

Fact vs. Fiction: Rebmann Plumbing Debunks Common Misconceptions


We put together a quick list of common plumbing myths we tend to run into quite frequently. Please keep in mind that in spite of any plumbing myths or misconceptions, we will always go the extra mile to provide quality customer service to our Long Island customers.

Myth #1: Plumbers Are Unprofessional

We get it. We know plumbers get a bad rep. We are unfortunately never positively portrayed in movies or on television, but the reality is very different.

  1. Plumbers undergo years of education and hands-on apprenticeships.
  2. Plumbers must receive ongoing certification training and renewal in order to maintain plumbing licenses.
  3. At Rebmann, we ensure that our plumbing team is continuously trained in the latest technology and safety measures.
  4. Our plumbers arrive on time, in uniform, prepared to work through to completion.

Myth #2: Throw Anything You Want Through the Garbage Disposal

Common sense should tell you this simply is not true. Disposal blades and drain pipes will deteriorate over time especially if stressed with inappropriate foreign objects and food projects. Beware of dairy, grease, bones, and coffee grinds to ensure that garbage disposal stays safe. Be sure to rinse food through the disposal with cold water.

Myth #3: Do-It-Yourself is Cheaper Than Hiring a Plumber

We commend do-it-yourselfers. DIY projects bring about a sense of accomplishment, and perhaps even community. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that a project is still just a project. Commercial and residential plumbing problems must be managed by a professional. Hiring a plumber from Rebmann is like investing in your home or business. With our quality repairs, replacements, and installations you will save money in the long run—not to mention time.

We are a third generation family-owned business who has been serving the north and south shores of Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties for nearly a century.

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