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Fuel Types Should You Consider for Your New Furnace

A new furnace will keep the entire family warm this upcoming winter and ensure you won’t have to endure a single day stuck in the cold. After all, few homes in the United States aren’t equipped with some form of central heating, and furnaces happen to be the most common of them all. However, as you may know, furnace installation is not just a matter of installing any random system and moving. There are several factors influencing your decision, and one of those is fuel type. While it may not be the first point of consideration for many homeowners, fuel type can make a huge difference in what benefits you receive from your heating system. If you choose the wrong one, it may turn out to be the biggest mistake you make during the installation process. Several homeowners every year find themselves in a position where they wind up spending thousands of dollars on the wrong system. They may purchase an electric furnace when they really need a gas furnace, and vice versa. Choosing a furnace with the wrong fuel type is not only just costly; it’s dangerous. If you do not have the right hookups for a gas furnace, for example, it may put you at higher risk for gas leaks, home heating fires, and carbon monoxide exposure. You shouldn’t put your family’s well-being in danger, and instead should think before you install.

How Can Rebmann Help You?

Fortunately, a reliable heating technician at Rebmann will help you find the best heating system for your home so you get heat worth every dollar. Our team of technicians specialize in personable customer service that will ensure your every last heating need is met. They can consult with you in determining what fuel type would be perfect for your home, especially if you a little lost in finding the right one. From there, they can install a new system in your home quickly. We can provide you with a modern heating system boasting a lifespan of over 20 years and a high AFUE rating. Some gas furnaces today even have an AFUE rating of In fact, once you work with us, you will have a much better understanding of what it takes to heat your home effectively. You will know how you can keep the entire family comfortable, ensuring you stay at a better peace of mind throughout the entire winter.

Common Furnace Fuel Types to Consider Before Having a New Furnace Installed

So, at this point, you may be wondering, “Well, what are the main furnace fuel types?” In that case, here is an overview of the 4 most common and what makes them different from each other:

  1. Gas: Gas furnaces are the leading choice for homeowners who are looking for improved energy-efficiency. They will save you tons of money on heating bills by using less energy and also heat up your home much faster compared to other fuel types. They also boast a smaller annual operating cost. However, one major drawback of a gas furnace is that the installation process can be extensive and time-consuming, especially when it required to have a natural gas line. Even worse, you may spend more on furnace maintenance to ensure it continues to run without experiencing a gas leak.
  2. Electric: Since they are less efficient than gas furnaces, electric furnaces have a higher annual operation cost compared to gas furnaces.  However, they are also known for their quieter performance and are generally much easier to install due to no gas hookups. This will also carry into the life of the unit as well, considering that maintenance is so straightforward. You will be able to resolve issues with an electric furnace without calling a professional.
  3. Propane: A propane furnace can give you warmer air compared to the abilities of an electric furnace and can also provide all the benefits of a gas furnace.  However, you will need to consider the right propane tank size for your home. Propane tanks range in size to meet all sorts of heating needs, with some even going up to 1,000 gallons.
  4. Solar Energy: Are you tired of dealing with a heating system that constantly burns fuel? Well, you may have the option of solar heating, which will still provide high-quality heat without any additional energy cost. By absorbing sunlight through solar panels, it helps reduce your carbon footprint and lowers the risk of the system sending out harmful gasses into the environment

If you want to learn more on furnace fueling, please ask a licensed professional at Rebmann who can help find you the right heating system for your home. They should be able to answer any of your questions. With the right fuel type, you will be able to enjoy a steady flow heat this season without any worry as to whether or not it is costing you too much money just to stay comfortable.

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