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Oil to Natural Gas Conversion

In recent years, natural gas has been a much more affordable heat source than oil for Americans. The federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that the average American household pays only around $750 to heat their home with gas each winter while oil using homes pay a whopping $2,500! While the price of natural gas has remained relatively consistent as of late, oil prices have been high and still climbing thanks to sustained unrest in oil producing countries across the Middle East. To get some perspective on how much the price of oil has actually risen—just two years ago, the average winter home oil heating bill was $1,752!

Oil To Gas Conversion

Benefits of Natural Gas

It’s Versatile:

  • Domestic uses like heating and cooling, cooking, fuel for transportation.
  • Steam heat production
  • Electrical generation

It’s Clean:

  • Cleanest burning fossil fuel—its increased use has the potential to reduce harmful emissions generated by oil and coal.
  • Produces 65% fewer emissions per kilowatt hour than coal and 25% fewer than oil.

It’s Abundant:

  • Surplus supplies of this domestic resource promise a secure and stable energy future while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come.
  • It already accounts for around a quarter of all energy usage in the United States and could account for even more in the future as more and more oil based heating systems are converted to natural gas.
  • Recent drilling technologies have made enough domestically produced gas available to provide an estimated 100 years of supply in North America at current production levels.
  • Natural gas employs around 3 and a half million people across North America and rakes in millions of dollars in royalties and taxes.

It’s Affordable:

  • Natural gas is around 20% to 30% cheaper than gas and oil.
  • Natural gas costs are mostly infrastructure related rather than related to the fuel itself which means consistent and dependable prices at the pump.

Natural gas is the way of the future. It’s friendlier to both the environment and your wallet. Embrace the new standard in home energy and get the ball rolling on your oil to gas conversion by calling Rebmann Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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