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Oil to Gas Conversion in Garden City

When it comes to heating your home, which is better – gas or oil? While it’s true that some folks don’t have a choice – they’re in an area where gas heat is not available, so oil it is – those who do have the choice between the two need to weigh a number of factors before deciding one way or the other. Each type of furnace does have a legitimate argument in its favor, so consider the following:

  • Gas itself is cheaper. This is because the natural gas supply is here in North America so it has a more stable price, while oil is still secured from overseas so the pricing is higher and more volatile.
  • Oil furnaces are cheaper. So while oil is more expensive in the long run, there’s a higher up-front cost for a gas furnace.
  • Oil furnaces are more efficient. They provide more heat per BTU than their gas counterparts.
  • Gas furnaces don’t require delivery. So your supply of gas won’t run low or run out the way oil will, and gas furnaces also require much less overall maintenance (if any).

AFUE Ratings

Another factor in the equation is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, ratings. When it comes to AFUE, a higher number equals better efficiency. With regard to these ratings:

  1. New oil furnaces generally have an AFUE rating in the 85% range
  2. New gas furnaces generally have an AFUE rating in the 95% range

By that measure, it’s no contest – gas furnaces are the way to go.

Making the switch

If you’ve got an available gas supply (check with your local gas company to find out) and you’ve decided to make the switch from oil to gas, be aware that it’s a very involved process and cannot be undertaken by anyone other than a licensed professional. Like the licensed professionals at Rebmann.

The experts at Rebmann can handle your oil to gas conversion in Garden City. They will take the time to examine your situation, make any recommendations, and perform the conversion with speed, efficiency, and reasonable pricing. Contact Rebmann today!

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