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Benefits of a Rebmann Plumbing oil to gas conversion and boiler installation

Rebmann Plumbing recently performed an oil to gas conversion on a commercial boiler in a nursing home. They also designed the heating plant and control systems.

The nursing home is one of two places they have converted from oil to gas utilizing high efficiency direct vent boilers. The system design incorporated controls for Heating, Domestic Hot Water, and Chiller Operation. By removing the oil system and installing new high efficiency modulating boilers, the facilities were given $20,000 in energy rebates and now have significantly lower fuel bills.

Those are just some of the system’s benefits. Here are some more:

  1. It has outdoor reset and staging control integral to boiler controls
  2. Bypass piping allows domestic hot water to run on any one of three boilers in case of failure
  3. The chemical feed system helps protect equipment and piping
  4. The independent reset controls of each boiler will allow lead lag and isolation of boiler if repair is needed

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In addition to the Rebmann technicians providing the system benefits, they also have a detailed step-by-step of the installation:

  1. Install the new supply/return header from the existing chiller pipe over the new boiler to the existing supply and return valves.
  2. Install the new separate valved header bypass for chiller operation in the summer months and use of all three boilers for hot water production, if needed. (All three boilers will be available for domestic hot water production in the case of a boiler failure). We opt for this design because it lessens the chance of domestic water outages that are typical on a single dedicated boiler.
  3. Install the new acid neutralizer for condensate.
  4. Install the new boiler feed pumps and controls to the new header
  5. Install all relays and outdoor reset controls
  6. Tie into existing system pumps and controls
  7. Insulate with ASJ insulation
  8. Install the new chemical feed system to maintain proper PH

And believe it or not, they didn’t stop there. Here’s a brief description of the four Burnham Alpine 500 condensing boilers they installed:

  1. Built in staging and outdoor reset controls
  2. New PVC venting
  3. Acid neutralizers

Now that you have all the information you need about a Rebmann Plumbing installation, call us today!

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