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Preventing Frozen Pipes This Winter

Preventing Frozen Pipes in Your Long Island Home

Nothing puts a damper on your holiday season like a plumbing emergency! Frozen pipes fall into that category. Here’s what you need to know about frozen pipes and how you can help prevent them on even the coldest of days!

Common Reasons for Frozen Pipes

  1. Openings or cracks: This will allow cold outside air to get near your water meter or pipes.
  2. Unheated basement: This is a problem if the water meter or pipes are located down there.
  3. Uninsulated pipes: Pipes that aren’t insulated become especially problematic if they are located against outside walls.
  4. Boxed-in pipes: Enclosed pipes against an outside wall is troublesome because they are not receiving any inside heat.
  5. Open windows: If they are open near water meters or pipes, it will make them even colder.

Here’s How Rebmann Ccan help prevent your pipes from freezing this winter!

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Rebman has been in business for nearly a century, so it’s safe to say our team has the knowledge and experience to deal with your frozen or burst water pipes. We also know the
ways these plumbing disasters can be avoided, and want to share them with you.

  • Proper insulation: This is essential to preventing pipes from freezing.
  • Heat cables, heat tape or heat wraps: Apply any one of these to your pipes for more extensive protection.
  • Winteriziation: The best way to weatherproof your plumbing is to make sure that garden hoses and other outdoor spigots that are vulnerable to the cold outside air are completed drained. This way, there is no water flowing through them that can turn to ice.
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