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Radiant Heating in Nassau County

For those uninformed, radiant heating is an eco-friendly and highly efficient method of heating. What makes radiant heating so interesting is that it transfers heat from one object to another object. As an example, if you were to hold onto a hot coffee, radiant heat is transferred from the water through the cup to our hands. This is not much different than when someone is basking in sunlight and is warmed by the sun. The heat is transferred from the sky to our bodies providing warmth.

Radiant Heating Usage in Nassau County

Depending on what you are looking to use it for, radiant heating can be used in either indoor or outdoor spaces for commercial and residential purposes. A few of the most common functions of radiant heating include:

• To heat sidewalks and melt snow.
• To warm flooring if you are barefoot, especially for bathrooms.
• To heat homes via ceiling or wall panels.

Radiant Heating Benefits in Nassau County

There are numerous benefits that come with radiant heating:

Silence: Radiant heating is essentially silent. Unlike air that blows through vents, radiant heat is a noiseless heat transferring process from one object to the other.

No possible transfer of allergens: Radiant heating is a great alternative for people who struggle with allergies. Despite the fact if precautions are taken, whenever air blows through a vent, there becomes an opportunity for allergens to collect and be dispersed throughout a given space. Because radiant heating works through a process of seamless transference, opportunities for the spreading of allergens, dust, or germs is nonexistent. This translates to lower maintenance needs and a cleaner, healthier heating system overall.

For use in specific zones: It is relatively easy to control radiant heat to particular temperatures in specified areas. For insane, the living room zone can be set to being at a warmer temperature than that of the office. With this more control comes lower utility bills.

Out of plain sight: Radiant heating systems are not seen, but rather felt. This is excellent because they are unobtrusive heating systems that hide behind or even under surfaces. How convenient is that?

If you are interested in radiant heating for your home, call Rebmann Plumbing for more information today!

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