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With spring already here, it’s time for both homeowners and business owners to think about AC repair. Long Island summers can be hot and humid, and you need your home or place of business to have a comfortable interior temperature in order for you to be at your best every day. So while there’s still time before the hottest months are upon us, it’s advisable to have your air conditioning checked out and, if necessary, repaired.

Signs of a Malfunctioning AC

If you haven’t run your AC all winter long, take an hour or so to find out how it’s working. Set the temperature to cool and pay close attention to the following:

Room temperature. Does the room become noticeably cooler within a couple of minutes? If not, it’s a sign your unit isn’t working properly, which can not only leave the room uncomfortably warm, but also cost a lot of extra energy—which you’ll see on your energy bill.

Does the unit make the normal, low-key humming sound, or are there any other unusual noises? Squeaks, clangs and ticks are all signs of loose parts or even of some object being stuck in the machinery.

Air quality. Does the air become fresher, or do you notice dust and bits of debris being blown into the room? Dust and debris are signs that your AC needs cleaning and/or repairing.

Smell. Does the unit emit a strange and/or unpleasant smell? Mold, mildew, vermin, leaking coolant and electrical issues can all cause unpleasant smells and indicate a significant problem with your air conditioning unit.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, then it’s a good idea to have your air conditioning checked out by the professionals at Rebmann, We can help you pinpoint the problem, whether it’s simply a filter replacement and duct cleaning or a an intricate repair job. And when your AC is functioning properly again, why not ask about our HVAC Service Agreement, which provides you priority response service and scheduled maintenance, resulting in increased energy-efficiency and a longer life? Just ask your Rebmann HVAC specialist for the details.

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