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Rheem RTGH95 Tankless Water Heaters in Long Island, NY

Rheem’s Prestige™ Series Offers Many Benefits for Long Island Homeowners

There are so many options out there for tankless water heating, it can be hard to choose just one. But, at Rebmann Plumbing, we like to install the Rheem RTGH95 because their Prestige™ line is a series of high efficiency condensing tankless gas water heating units than can provide our customers with an endless stream of hot water.

Features of the Rheem RTGH95 Tankless Water Heater

Here are the top 10 reasons why we offer this model to you – our loyal customer:

  1. Efficiency: These systems are guaranteed a 94% efficiency, which means 94% of its energy is being used to heat your water.
  2. Performance: The RTGH95 is perfect for homes that have 3 bathrooms, and will provide enough water if everyone were to use the faucets in those rooms at once.
  3. Size: Designed to be only about the size of a medicine cabinet, the Rheem tankless water heaters will save you space in the home.
  4. Self-Diagnostic System: This allows for easy installation and service, while also providing you with a digital display that shows temperature settings and maintenance codes.
  5. Technology: While you may not fully understand the technology that goes into these systems, it is important to know why they are beneficial and efficient for you to have. The Rheem Prestige™ series has a two-pipe direct vent system designed for PVC pipe to allow for easier installation. They have a built-in electric blower and an EZ-Link cable to connect two tankless units so they can act as one.
  6. High Altitude Compliant: It can be used up to 9,840 ft above sea level.
  7. Freeze Protection: New York gets cold in those winter months, so having a freeze protection up to -30°F is a great add on for homeowners.
  8. Sizing Help: Sizing your tankless water heater can be tough, but Rheem comes with EZ-Spec™ Sizing Software. This is an advanced online tool that makes sizing your tankless heater much, much easier. Take the guess work out of it and visit
  9. Warranty: For the Prestige™ series, Rheem offers a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, 5-year on parts, and 1-year on labor. Ask your Rebmann technician about additional warranties offered by their company.
  10. Additional technology: Most units come with a digital remote control, 10 ft of thermostat wire, and a 120 volt power cord for indoor models.


For more information on why we choose the Rheem RTGH-95 for our customers, or to schedule a consultation, call Rebmann Plumbing today!

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