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Roof Drain Problem in Freeport, NY

Improper installation could result in roof drain problems down the line

A customer with galvanized drain pipes called because she was having a roof drainage problem. Galvanized pipes are older, so they are bound to create problems in your system eventually. But there are some other reasons why you might have issues with your flat roof drainage. Here are a number of factors that could cause this problem:

  1. Penetrations: Every penetration is a possible leak in your roofing system. Having two drains to provide drainage creates two penetrations in the roof.
  2. Improper maintenance: While it is good to clean the drain allowing for backed up water to drain out, you have to also remove the debris from the roof. If it’s not removed, it will wash back to the roof drain and cause an obstruction to the drain.
  3. Improper roof slope: Drains that are not installed in a sump can cause the drain ring to block drainage enough to create a puddle. The standing water will accelerate the collection of debris on the roof, which will in turn increase the amount of standing water you have.
  4. Light duty parts: Plastic parts don’t last as long as a typical roofing system so it’s plausible for them to fall into the drains and clog them.
  5. Improper installation: Your roof drain could have problems if the drains were installed at the wrong elevation, or if both the primary and overflow drain are installed at the same elevation in one sump.

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