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Split Systems

Long Island Split System Air Conditioning

In an ongoing effort to keep Long Island cool, Rebmann is happy to install new split system air conditioning units to your local home, business, or large facility.  Providing ongoing maintenance and service agreement options, the experts at Rebmann have been considered industry leaders in the Long Island air conditioning business for over 70 years.

Split system air conditioners function to deliver comfortable air to your home or business.  Split systems do just what their name implies; they split hot from cold temperatures, careful to regulate climate control.  Part of the split system is located inside the home and part outside.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning:

  • Quiet Operation: Quieter than traditional air conditioning units, split units are ideal for homes, schools, hospitals, or any other number of locations where noise should be kept at bay.
  • Climate Control: Split systems automatically regulate indoor temperatures, producing both heating and cooling effects.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Effective climate control helps make cooling available only when specifically needed thus reducing energy costs and improving overall household or business temperature efficiency.
  • Sleek Design: Unlike traditionally clunky air conditioners, split systems require minimal set-up without blocking window views.

Remember that Rebmann also provides fixed pricing and warranty options for all split system air conditioning options, products, and services.

Contact Rebmann today to find out of split system air conditioning units are the best option for your Long Island commercial or residential space, and stay cool.

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