Signs You Need AC Repair

As the weather heats up, you’ll be spending more time indoors to beat the heat. If your AC is experiencing problems, you should have it repaired before summer heat rolls in. Small problems can escalate quickly, causing an uncomfortable disruption in your home. If it does need repairs, your AC may be sending you warning signals. If you are experiencing any of the following problems in your home, call Rebmann today.

No Power or Start-up Issues

This the most obvious sign that you have a problem with your air conditioning system. Whatever temperature you set your thermostat to, your cooling system should be able to reach it with ease. Turning it on should never be an issue either. If temperatures are high outside, your safety could be affected by a broken air conditioner. If it doesn’t turn on at all or it switches often, you should start looking for a replacement.

Excess Moisture

Do you have wet spots or condensation on your unit? Pooling water should be addressed as soon as possible as it can cause mold or mildew. Not only do they grow and spread at a rapid rate, they can harm your air quality as well.

Inadequate Cooling

Your cooling system should be able to cool your whole home or a designated area within it. If you start to notice that some rooms or areas aren’t being cooled properly, it’s a sign that your system is no longer capable of cooling your whole home. A Rebmann professional can give you more insight into the cause, but if your model is outdated or failing, it may be in your best interest to have it replaced.

Weird Sounds

Your AC shouldn’t be too noisy. Any loud bangs or groans from your unit or duct system should be checked out. It could be that a piece has detached or that debris has built up in your ducts. On the other hand, it could also be a sign of motor failure.

Warm Air

Your AC should blow cool air only. While you use it, air should be cool and spread out evenly into your home. you may have a lack of refrigeration, which can be replenished. If you have a leak, it may be much harder to fix. This should be addressed by a professional immediately, as it can cause other problems throughout your home. If you’ve already spent money on repairs in the past, it’s in your best interest to replace your AC.

To get your AC ready for the heat, call Rebmann today! 


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Get Your AC Ready For Spring With a Tune-Up

Spring is here, and soon the sun will be shining, flowers will bloom, and the weather will start to get warmer. When you begin your spring cleaning around the house, don’t forget that your air conditioner needs some TLC too! To prepare your cooling system for the warmer weather, scheduling a tune-up from Rebmann is in your best interest. Not only will it help to keep your system running smoothly, it will help your home stay safe and cool when you need it.

Benefits of a Spring AC Tune-up

Your AC needs to be inspected at least once a year – this is especially important before the warm weather hits. This allows a professional to check the shape and working condition of your unit. If any areas of concern are detected, your service tech will be able to address them before they have a chance to escalate. With a little attention along the way, your air conditioner will be able to provide cool comfort to your home for years to come!

  • Reduced stress on your AC. Any AC that is running inefficiently is working overtime to meet the cooling demands of your home. It’s also using more electricity just to function, which can reflect on your electric bill.
  • Improved air quality and overall health. Did you know that an old or damaged air conditioner can negatively impact the air quality in your home? Debris like dust, pet dander, or mold can build up in your equipment or duct system. This can cause asthma symptoms to worsen and other breathing related illnesses to pop up.
  • Higher efficiency. If your AC is running inefficiently, it’s sucking up far more electricity than necessary. To fully meet the cooling needs of your home, your air conditioner should have a tune-up.
  • Lower utility bills. Have you noticed a spike in your electric bill? It could be caused by your air conditioner isn’t working properly. A professional tune-up will help save you money on your utilities.
  • Better cooling and increased comfort. No one likes when it’s uncomfortably hot, but extreme heat can be dangerous for some. The young and the elderly are especially at risk, so it’s important that your home stays cool in the heat. After a tune-up, your cooling system will be able to keep your home effortlessly cool and comfortable.

Why Choose Rebmann?

Here at Rebmann, we offer a wide range of services to help keep things running smoothly in your home. Our comprehensive tune-up leaves no area of your cooling system unchecked! Our continuously trained technicians will guide you through any and all of your air conditioning service needs. Along with central air and window units, we service the following systems:

  • Split Systems
  • Mini Split Systems
  • heat Pumps
  • Humidifiers
  • Indoor Air Cleaners
  • Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Units

Our professionals are prompt, timely, and successful in getting the job done right, regardless of the type of system you have in place in your home or business. Our tune-up will allow you and your family to stay cool and comfortable all spring and summer long!

Call us today to schedule your spring tune-up! 

Is a Split System Air Conditioner Right for Me?

Is a Split System Air Conditioner Right for Me?

At Rebmann we find that many of our customers have questions surrounding possible split system upgrades.  As a Long Island family-owned business for three generations, we’ve picked up a few heating and air conditioning tips along the way.  Here, we’ll try to clarify some things regarding split systems and whether or not one might be right for your home or business.

Q: What is the difference between a split system and a mini split system?

A: First off, know that the technicians at Rebmann are certified split and mini split system installers, so regardless of your decision, we can help.

As the name suggests mini split systems are just that—smaller versions of their larger split system counterparts.  Generally speaking however, mini splits are more technologically advanced.  They are easier to install and have a uniquely sleek style.

Q: What type of home or business accommodates split systems?

A: We install split and mini split systems in a variety of residential and commercial locations across both the north and south shores of Long Island.  Whether or not a split system is best for you truly depends upon personal preference.  Because of their ultra-quiet operation, split system installations are popular in office spaces, hotels, hospitals, libraries, and schools.

Q: What are the benefits of installing a split system?

A: Let’s begin by saying what split systems are not.  They are not clunky traditional air conditioning units that need to be dug up each summer, carried, and installed only to block your window view.

Split systems stay put all year.  These space efficient units work year-round to quietly provide your home or business with both cool and warm air.  A wise investment, split systems work to reduce energy costs and save you money in the long run.

Please contact a professional at Rebmann if you have additional questions regarding split or mini split systems for your Long Island home or business.

What is the Best Air Conditioner for My Home?

What is the Best Air Conditioner for My Home?

Okay, Long Island, we’ve had a lot of rain, but it feels like the weather is just starting to turn around and things are beginning to heat up!  This means it’s time to install, repair, or purchase a new air conditioning unit.  Why worry about the heat?  Keep you and your family comfortable and cool all summer long.

The trick here is choosing the most cost-effective and reliable air conditioning unit available; one that fits your home’s unique challenges as well as your personal goals of health and comfort.

So, what are the options for residential air conditioners?  You may be surprised or even overwhelmed at the array of options available to you.  One thing is for certain, the professionals at Rebmann will always steer you in the right direction.  Serving Long Island for nearly a century has provided us with a great deal of hard earned experience—enough to confidently guide our customers toward what works.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

  • Split Systems/Mini Split Systems

These ultra-quiet units provide more aesthetically pleasing space by not blocking window views.  Part of the system is located outside your home and part inside.

  • Heat Pumps

Contrary to what their name suggests, heat pumps are highly efficient heating and cooling systems.  Heat pumps absorb and transfer naturally surrounding warm air and make it cool.

  • Whole House Humidifiers

These efficient cooling units can lower energy bills while easing allergy symptoms via moisture regulation.

For Long Islanders summers mean outdoor concerts at Jones Beach, riding the waves at Splish Splash, day drips to Montauk, or simply picnicking on the beach.  You play hard, you work hard, but you certainly don’t want to work hard to stay cool.  Let Rebmann manage all of your air conditioning needs.

Contact us today to learn more about which type of air conditioning unit will work best in your unique Long Island home.