Top Plumbing Tips to Save Money in the New Year

Are you looking for ways to help protect your plumbing this winter? Harsh weather and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Here are a few plumbing tips from Rebmann that can help:

Repair Leaks

As the cold weather really sets in around Nassau County, it is best to check for any leaks around your home. It is easier to fix a small leak before it turns into a full-blown burst pipe. When you find a leaking pipe or unexplained puddle around the house, call your trusted plumbers at Rebmann to handle the repairs. These small leaks left unchecked can cause water damage to your home and leave you scrambling to fix them. Repairing leaks the moment you notice them, instead of waiting for warm weather, will save you from the dangers of water damage, burst pipes, and destroyed equipment.

Drain Your Water Heater

A simple money saving tip for Nassau County homeowners is to drain your water heater at least once a year. Sediment builds up in your water heater throughout the year which affects its efficiency and lifespan. The sediment causes uneven heat transfer and can corrode heating elements inside the hot water tank. Regular draining is a part of all water heater maintenance to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. If you live in an area with “hard” or mineral-heavy water, it can be beneficial to schedule a water heater draining more often than once a year. When you do this regular upkeep, it extends the life of your water heater and saves you money. Start your year on the right foot by scheduling a water heater maintenance appointment with Rebmann!

Disconnect Hoses and Shut Down Exterior Faucets

This is a very important plumbing tip for when it gets cold outside! The last thing you want to come home to is a frozen or burst pipe caused by an outdoor faucet. It is easy to go around your home and disconnect any outdoor hoses and shut off water exterior faucets. This simple step will prevent any chance of ruining the hoses or developing a frozen pipe in that part of your home. 

Set Your Thermostat to 55 Degrees When Leaving Town

This plumbing tip is especially important during the holiday season, or any time you may be traveling. It may be tempting to completely shut your heat off while escaping the frigid Nassau County winter. But it will save you money in the long run to resist that temptation. Imagine coming home from a warm, relaxing vacation to find your basement or attic has flooded. By keeping your heat on a low setting while you are away, it will prevent frozen pipes from bursting in your home. You can rest easy while away knowing that your home has a layer of defense against frozen pipes. 

Wrap Exposed and Vulnerable Pipes

Even with the heat running in your home, you may have pipes that are still at risk. Leaving cabinet doors open under faucets will prevent freezing in those pipes, but there are others in your home that do not have such an easy fix. Pipes in exterior walls with no insulation, typically those in your attic or basement, can still freeze if left unprotected. By calling the professionals at Rebmann, you can know that the utmost precautions have been taken to protect your pipes.

Check Sump Pump

If you have an exterior sump pump hose, it may be best to disconnect it for the winter. This will prevent the hose from freezing and bursting open, which will save you during the rainy months. The last thing you want to discover after a spring downpour is that the sump drain hose is not functioning. If you do not want to disconnect your sump for the winter, then checking the drainage area will be key. Do not let snow and ice block where the water comes out and check for frozen hoses. By maintaining your sump pump, you can prevent a costly flooding accident from striking your home.

By following these simple plumbing tips from Rebmann, you can save money all year.

Start off on the right foot by booking maintenance with Rebmann and replacing out of date equipment!

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The Dangers of Burst Pipes in Winter

The Dangers of Burst Pipes in Long Island


Homeowners in Long Island are familiar with frigid winter temperatures. When the temperature drops below freezing, your pipes are at risk of freezing. A frozen pipe is an inconvenience all on its own, but the damage of  burst pipes in Long Island is much greater. When a pipe bursts it can lose up to 400 liters of water a hour- that two full bath tubs!

The pipes most at risk in the home are those in the attic and basement. You may not notice when a pipe has first burst depending on the location of the pipe and the severity of the leak. Your first signal may be some damp spots in the ceiling followed by bulging due to water build up. If the pipe is in the basement, it may take even longer to discover the burst pipe. The first thing you can do to stop a burst pipe is to prevent a frozen pipe from happening.

Signs a pipe is frozen include:

  • Water slowly coming out of faucets
  • Frost on the outside of pipes
  • Strange smells emitting from the faucet
  • Temperatures have been below freezing consistently

You can prevent your pipes from freezing by taking precautions before cold weather strikes. Scheduling regular maintenance of your furnace to ensure that your home is warm is the first step. Next, identify which pipes are at risk of freezing. Pipes in poorly insulated attics and basements are at the most risk to freeze and subsequently burst. Any water spigots or hoses should be drained and shut off before cold weather sets in as well. Rebmann’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can assist you with pipe insulation, winterization of pipes, as well as furnace tune-ups to ensure a warm environment for your plumbing system.

Burst pipes in Long Island can cause massive damage to your home. Water will seep into walls and floors, flood rooms, and create a breeding ground for mold. If you find yourself with a burst pipe this season do not panic. The first thing to do is shut off the main valve and leave your faucets on to drain the water. Your next step should be to call a professional at Rebmann’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. The professionals at Rebmann’s are there with 24 hour emergency service to help you!

Call Rebmann’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment!