Benefits of Installing an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Benefits of Installing an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard is known for ordering his futuristic replicator to instantly whip up his favorite tea just the way he likes it: “Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”

Flying around in starships would certainly help beat traffic on the LIE, but unfrotunately Long Islanders aren’t there quite yet.  Instant hot water dispensers, however, are getting us one step closer to a world of futuristic conveniences.

What Are Instant Hot Water Dispensers?

Instant hots are separate stainless steel faucets that may be directly installed into your existing kitchen sink and water line.  At a touch of a lever, you are instantly provided with near boiling water. 

What Are the Benefits & Advantages of Hot Water Dispensers?

–         Provide instant hot water on demand, no waiting for water to boil
–         Affordable home improvement solution
–         Improved cooking convenience
–         Available in a variety of designs and sizes

How Can I Use an Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

This is what’s so great.  Hot water dispensers provide superior kitchen convenience.  You can use your dispenser to help save time on a seemingly endless number of cooking- and household-related tasks.  Here are just a few:

–         Tea, coffee, hot chocolate
–         Oatmeal
–         Baby bottles
–         Thawing frozen foods
–         Al dente pasta
–         Loosening jar lids
–         Ice cream scooping easier
–         Removing labels

Why Rebmann?

Family-owned Rebmann Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing Long Islanders with quality customer service and expert advice for nearly one-hundred years.  We think instant hots are a terrifically affordable way to enhance the luxury of your home while improving its utility.

We are committed to providing our customers with full-service design, installation, sales and service.  We work in residential and commercial spaces across the north and south shores of Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Call us today to learn about our instant hot water dispenser solutions and how we can work to bring conveniences of the future to your Long Island home.     

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