6 Benefits of an Oil to Gas Conversion

If you live in an older home around the Long Island area, your home may have an older heating system that relies on oil. Recently, it’s become apparent that natural gas is a more reliable and efficient way to heat homes. However, if you live in a home that uses oil, don’t fret! At Rebmann, we can help you modernize your heating through an oil to gas conversion. As for why you’d want to switch, there are plenty of good reasons.

Here are six reasons you should call for our help with an oil to gas conversion:


It’s cleaner more efficient

Oil heating equipment for older homes tends to be somewhat inefficient at processing oil. On average, oil heating has an efficiency of 50% – 80%. On the other hand, natural gas heating is usually over 90% efficient. Also, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available.


Become less reliant on foreign instability

The United States of America is the world’s greatest producer of oil. However, we’re still reliant on other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, that can produce plenty of oil. About a quarter of the total global oil consumption passes through the Strait of Hormuz, located between Iran and the United Arab Emirates. This means that the instability in the region can cause major spikes in the price of oil. Not to mention fluctuations caused by global politics in general. Meanwhile, natural gas has a more stable price and is less likely to fluctuate dramatically.


Save space in your home

One of the physical benefits of a gas furnace is that it’s smaller than its oil versions. Getting a natural gas furnace can help you save a bit of space by switching out your oil model.


It’s a cost-effective investment

Natural gas heating is generally less expensive than oil heating. Switching heating systems will cost a good deal of money for the infrastructure, but it’s an investment worth making. You’ll earn your investment back with interest by switching to natural gas.


It can raise your home’s value

When making big changes to your home, you always want to consider how it’ll affect its resale value. Modernizing your home is always a good way to improve that value. Having an efficient and effective heating system is a big draw for potential buyers.


It’s easy to deliver

Many communities in the Northeast have dedicated gas lines that pump natural gas to homes. With oil, you always have to keep a close eye on how much you have so you don’t run out. Don’t know if your home is connected to a natural gas line? Call your local town hall or gas company to learn more.


Why call Rebmann to get my natural gas online?

For three generations Rebmann has provided trusted plumbing, heating, and air conditioning expertise to Long Islanders spanning both Nassau and Suffolk counties.  The ongoing Rebmann legacy is committed to providing Long Island’s commercial and residential plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems with superior quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism.

We provide 24-hour on-call emergency and stoppage service while consistently working to create lasting relationships with our clients.  We foster our customer relationships through our commitment to preventative maintenance care, repairs, remodeling, and replacement options.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Rebmann holds a Master Plumber’s License and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  Our customers can rest easy knowing that we provide a minimum one-year warranty on all products and services. Call us today to learn more about getting an oil to gas conversion!

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Long Island, Are You Ready for Winter?

Long Island, Are You Ready for Winter?

No?  Well, we don’t blame you.

Splish Splash rafts will soon take one last turn around the Lazy River; north fork vineyard goers will take their final winery tour; the tall ships and oversized yachts will sail back from whence they came; and the final notes of the last Jones Beach concert will drift offshore as once again winter returns to Long Island.

Here we are.  Back to work, back to school, and back to business-as-usual.  So, now what?  It’s time to batten up the hatches and get ready for the inevitable season change.  Here are some tips from your friends at Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling.

1.     Install a Generator

Be ready for anything with whole house back-up power protection.  We are fully-stocked with Rood gas generators that will automatically switch on in the event of an outage.

2.     Convert From Oil to Gas

Gas is a far more affordable method of household heating plus we help our customers receive the best deal from over $1000 in rebates and gift cards.

3.     Flush Out Exterior Plumbing Systems

This includes any outdoor showers, hoses, and lawn irrigation systems.  Completely drain and disconnect all of these fixtures and avoid frozen pipes that might burst under pressure.

4.     Insulate Pipes

Insulating exposed basement pipes is an affordable way to prevent pipes from freezing.  Pipe insulation also works to keep hot water hot thus reducing energy bills.

5.     Get a Thorough Home Inspection Done by a Pro

Give us a call and invite one of our experienced technicians inspect your entire home.  We’ll ensure that it’s in safe condition and prepared for the colder weather.

Our family is proud to have served the north and south shores of Nassau and Suffolk Counties for nearly a century.  We love Long Island and we are happy to continue working to keep you and your home safe this winter as we’ve done for the last hundred years.

Contact the experts at Rebmann to learn more about best practices for Long Island home winterization.