Are You a Long Island Second-Home Owner? If So, Read This!

Are You a Long Island Second-Home Owner? If So, Read This!

A family-owned and operated business, Rebmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning has been serving the Long Island community for nearly a century.  Our fully-licensed team provides service on the north and south shores of both Nassau and Suffolk counties.  We know Long Island.  And we know what makes it work.

Rebmann Makes Second-Home Plumbing Easy

From the Hamptons to Long Beach, Long Island is full of beautiful second summer homes.  We know that as a second-home owner you are here to escape city life, enjoy the salty beach air, fine dining, and vineyards.  You are not on Long Island to worry about your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems!

Remote Thermostat Access Solutions

Whether you are a Long Island second-home owner, or a Long Island resident frequently on the move, wouldn’t you find it convenient to be alerted to home plumbing emergencies via text or email?  Or, perhaps you are on your way back to your Long Island home from a business trip and you want to crank up the whole house humidifier or central air?  Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?  Well, Rebamnn can make this magic happen.

Benefits of Remote Thermostat Access

When we install a Honeywell Remote System into your home, you can remotely monitor and control whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet, or smart-phone.

And you will be alerted when…

·        Temperatures are too high or too low

·        Humidity levels should be adjusted

·        Water spills or leaks occur

Second-home owners are what keep Long Island thriving and sustainable year-round.  At Rebmann, we want to make sure your homes are safe even when you’re not around.  Our remote thermostat access installations help make worry-free Long Island second-home ownership and frequent travel a possibility.

Contact a professionally licensed expert at Rebmann today and learn more about how we can help maintain your second-home on Long Island.    

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