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Types of Natural Gas Heating in Long Island

You know that natural gas heating is more economical, environmental, and efficient than oil heating — but how about gas burner versatility? There are three main systems of  gas burner heating, and the experts hear at Rebmann want you to be familiar with all of them, that way you can make the best possible decisions concerning your home’s heating! So without further ado, here are the different types of natural gas burner heating and how they maintain the temperature control in your home:

3 Types of Natural Gas Burner Heating

  1. Forced-Air Furnace- This furnace heats air to the preferred temperature and “forces” it throughout the home via the ventilation. Of natural gas burner models, this model is perhaps the least efficient. However, it is the cheapest to install, and it can be connected to the same ventilation that you use for your central air, giving you a more comprehensive home comfort system without needing new or redundant ducting.
  2. Hot Water Boiler– This type of system heats water and distributes it through the pipes of the home for what is known as “radiant heating” — that means the heat is transferred through surfaces, rather than the air. The pipes run beneath the floor boards and inside of the walls. Hot water furnaces are definitely more expensive to install effectively — however, they do give you the best return on your investment, since they are far more energy efficient, and radiant heating is generally more effective at keeping your home comfortable all winter long.
  3. Steam Boiler– These boilers are an older technology, but with natural gas they can out-perform any newer oil system any day. Steam boilers actually boil the water into steam before distributing it through your pipes to radiators that are built in to ever room. There aren’t too many service professionals who still know how to install steam boilers from scratch, but Rebmann may be able to help!

If you have one of these systems and require a repair or replacement, Rebmann is here to help! Or if you need an installation done, Rebmann can help your find the right home heating system for you. Consider natural gas conversion today: the money that you save will not only cover the cost of the installation within a few years, but will add up over time from hundreds of dollars every year! Call today for a natural gas burner consultation!

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