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Why Should You Install a Whole House Humidifier in Oyster Bay?

A whole house humidifier has many benefits for your Oyster Bay home. The cold days of fall and winter create dry air inside our homes making it difficult to breathe easy and creating dry, itchy skin. Most people combat this dry air with portable humidifiers placed in individual rooms, lots of lotion and added liquids. We have a better solution.

At Rebmann Plumbing, we install whole house humidifiers that help control the moisture and humidity levels in your home.


Whole house humidifiers disperse humidity and moisture evenly through your home. Your thermostat can then easily monitor and adjust your indoor temps, including moisture and humidity levels.

A whole house humidifier is fitted into your existing heating and cooling system introducing humidity through water vapor right through your heating ducts and releasing a steady level of moisture all year long. Some of the areas where a whole house humidifier shows its worth are in your family’s health and in their physical comfort. Dry air can cause dry noses, dry skin and dry, itchy throats that exacerbate asthma and allergies.

Energy Efficiency in your Oyster Bay home is significantly increased with a whole house humidifier. It will help your rooms feel warmer with your thermostat set at lower temperatures. Simply set it and forget it – your humidity levels will be controlled all year long and, because dry air can cause respiratory issues and distress, the air in your home will be easier to breathe. Additionally, there’s never a need to buy expensive distilled water that portable humidifiers often require. Your whole house humidifier uses your homes existing water supply. That’s energy efficiency at its best.

Now that you have a better understanding of how a whole house humidifier can enhance the health and comfort of your family, it really comes down to the time and cost. We’ll take care of the time and your new system will quickly pay for itself. To add this simple, cost effective, beneficial addition to your home, call Rebmann Plumbing in Oyster Bay.

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