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Why You Should Convert Your Long Island Home From Oil to Gas

It’s cost-efficient and much more flexible

You may be hesitant to even think about switching your heating system over to gas after having oil for so long, but we’re here to help you see why you should.

  1. Safety: Because natural gas is delivered directly through an underground source pipe, you don’t have to worry about any basement storage units leaking or spilling. Your supply connection will also need far less maintenance with gas than it did when your home was hooked up to oil.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Natural gas is clean burning, which means that there are less carbon emissions, less pollutants, and less combustion by-products harming the environment. There is about 30% less carbon dioxide released when burning gas instead of oil.
  3. Cost: Do you even know how much you pay per gallon of heating oil? Do you know how that measures up to just ten years earlier? Well, ten years ago, the cost was about $1.38 a gallon; Now, you pay roughly $3.70. In one decade, the cost went up about 2 1/2 times – imagine what it will be like in ten more years. You shouldn’t wait to find out. So what’s the deal with the cost of natural gas, then? The supply of natural gas is abundant and industry experts expect their prices to remain low for the foreseeable future.
  4. Availability: Natural gas is always available from your utility company and can be delivered to your home on a demand basis. With gas, you won’t have to deal with in-home storage tanks and you won’t ever experience a supply shortage like you could with the oil company. In addition, most utility companies lock in the price of natural gas so you won’t be charged sky-high prices halfway through a contract. Oil prices are constantly fluctuating, which means your bills will too.
  5. Flexibility: You can use natural gas for other necessities besides just heating – cooking, water heating, and drying your clothes. And, once your home is set up for gas, then you can set yourself up for major savings by outfitting your home with energy efficient gas appliances all around.

Think it’s time for you and your family to switch from oil to gas? Call Rebmann Plumbing and Heating today!

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