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Water Filtration

From cooking and cleaning to washing and bathing – your at home water supply is used for more than just drinking! And a whole house water filtration system will ensure that your home’s water is purified at every faucet and water-using system throughout your entire house.

Your health and the health of your family starts with the water that you drink, making a clean, healthy and great tasting water supply within your home of the utmost importance. And, our water quality experts are here to help you achieve a top quality water supply within your house.

Rebmann’s Water Filtration Services

  • Water Sanitizers
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Conditioners
  • Point of Use Filtration Systems
  • Whole House Filtration Systems
  • Commercial Water Treatment
  • And More!

What’s In Your Long Island Water?

All of our water filtration services start with a water test. Knowing what is in your home’s water supply is the most efficient and important first step in finding the right filtration system for your home, your water and your family’s needs. And, in some parts of Long Island, numerous contaminants from local farms, businesses, naturally occurring elements, old pipes and private wells can get infiltrate your home’s water supply. In fact, a 2019 Newsday article reported that, “The drinking water on Long Island has “by far” the most emerging contaminants of any region in the state, according to a review of detections of the substances by the New York Public Interest Research Group.” Click here to read more on Newsday.

If you are concerned about your home’s water, schedule an in-home water test with us today!

NOVO Water Systems

Rebmann Plumbing is proud to install NOVO Water Systems. NOVO produces industry-leading water filtration systems that clean your water and protect your health. Their products are economically priced and reliable, offering you and your home more for less:

  • NOVO Water Softeners – Industry leading softener systems designed for a wide range of local water conditions and individual customer needs.
  • NOVO Water Filters – Protect your plumbing from bad taste and odor caused by chlorine and other chemicals or minerals.
  • NOVO Drinking Water Systems – Better, safer drinking water right at your tap. Reverse Osmosis systems provide the most convenient and economical solution to improving the quality of drinking water for your home or business.
  • NOVO Ultraviolet Systems – UV technology is proven to control microbiological (bacteria & virus) issues in water including E. Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia without the use of chemicals.
  • NOVO Point of Use Filtration – Aqua Flo POU filtration products give you a wide range of solutions for fresh, clean drinking water at an affordable price.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our water filtration services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are not happy until you are completely satisfied with your new water purification system, and we don’t consider our job done until your home’s water is cleaner, healthier and better tasting! Contact us to schedule your home water test today!

At Rebmann, we install and service all water filtration makes and models, including the great systems from:

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