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Heat Pumps

Long Island Heat Pump Installations

Rebmann professionals promptly and efficiently install and repair automatic high efficiency heat pumps in Long Island’s residential buildings and commercial facilities.

Heat pump devices function to transfer hot and cool air.  This means that when the temperature is hot, heat pumps absorb and in turn change it, providing its surroundings with cooler air.  The reverse happens if temperatures are cool.  Cool air is absorbed by heat pumps and transferred into warmer air.  Essentially, heat pumps ensure that the temperature in your home, business, or industrial complex is always just right.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • Simplicity: Heat pumps function automatically, so there is no need to set temperature levels or be concerned with weather patterns.
  • Efficiency: Know that the temperature is always just right and working through a highly efficient and accurate system.  Heat Pumps automatically regulate temperatures.
  • Consistency: With a properly installed and functioning heat pump, temperatures throughout your home or business will be more evenly and consistently distributed throughout.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Heat pumps are super efficient heating and cooling instruments that mostly eliminate the need for increasing and decreasing home or business temperatures.  Heat pumps help save significant amounts of money on monthly utility bills.

Rebmann Heat Pump Installation Advantages

Rebmann is happy to provide you with the specific heat pump option necessary for your commercial or residential setting.  Heat pumps provide the ultimate in cost-effective heating and cooling systems while keeping customers comfortable and worry free.

Take comfort in knowing that Rebmann also provides fixed, upfront pricing and one-year warranties on all services and products.  Our licensed and highly trained technicians are prompt, professional, and extremely knowledgeable in heat pump installations and repairs.

Contact Rebmann with questions or concerns about which heat pump option is best for your Long Island commercial or residential building or facility.

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