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5 Reasons to Call for a Furnace Inspection in New York

Fall has officially started, which means it’s time to think about how you’ll keep your home warm. Owning a furnace is a good start, but you also have to consider that your furnace has been inactive for about half a year. This means your furnace is likely dusty and slightly worn-out. To ensure it’ll work, we suggest getting a furnace inspection for your New York home. That way, you’ll know your furnace will work at its best.

Here are five reasons getting a furnace inspection for your New York home is a great idea:


Gauge your furnace’s health

Getting a furnace inspection can give you a good idea about your furnace’s health. This lets you make an informed decision on whether to replace your furnace. If you schedule your inspection early this season, you’ll also have plenty of time to find a new furnace.


Extend your furnace’s life

Like all of your appliances and systems, you should get your furnace checked to ensure it’s still working well. Poorly-maintained furnaces tend to die out faster and waste more energy than healthy furnaces. Unhealthy furnaces are much more likely to suddenly break down, as well.


Cheaper than a full repair job

Furnace inspections cost money, but it costs less than having to pay to fix a broken furnace. During our furnace tune-up jobs, we fix any small problems we find with your furnace. By doing this, we’ll keep you from having to deal with your furnace suddenly breaking down.


Better energy efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, about half of the average homeowner’s energy bills come from using the furnace. However, you can reduce this percentage through regular maintenance and inspections. Many problems can reduce your furnace’s efficiency, but you can avoid them by staying on top of your furnace’s health. A well-maintained furnace will use about 30% less energy than normal.


Prevent dangerous leaks

Having a gas furnace can be dangerous if they’re not properly maintained. Malfunctioning gas furnaces can release carbon monoxide into your house, and it can be deadly to people and many animals. Also, you might have to deal with a house fire if your furnace starts leaking the flammable gas used to fuel it.


Why call Rebmann to keep my furnace working its best?

For three generations Rebmann has provided trusted plumbing, heating, and air conditioning expertise to Long Islanders spanning both Nassau and Suffolk counties.  The ongoing Rebmann legacy is committed to providing Long Island’s commercial and residential plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems with superior quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism.

We provide 24-hour on-call emergency and stoppage service while consistently working to create lasting relationships with our clients.  We foster our customer relationships through our commitment to preventative maintenance care, repairs, remodeling, and replacement options.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Rebmann holds a Master Plumber’s License and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  Our customers can rest easy knowing that we provide a minimum one-year warranty on all products and services. Call Rebmann today to schedule your furnace inspection!

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