3 Reasons To Consider AC Maintenance
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3 Reasons to Consider AC Maintenance in Long Island, NY This Spring

Homeowners delay or forgo AC maintenance for many reasons. Many are looking to cut costs while others believe the routine is unnecessary. There are many who are skeptical about the qualifications of maintenance personnel. A professional HVAC contractor, however, knows all of the ins and outs of maintenance and can maximize on the benefits of staying on schedule with inspections and tune ups.

Whether you’re reliant on heating and cooling, Long Island goes through wide fluctuations in temperatures. The summers are hot, the winters are cold. Transitional seasons can vary quickly and widely from day to day. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t skip out on AC maintenance in Long Island, NY.

  • Longer, More Reliable Operating Life: Air conditioners can last from seven up to 15 years. Regular maintenance is often the sole factor in determining how long the system will operate for. Dirty filters, bad coils, low refrigerant, and a host of other mechanical issues can cascade into total equipment failures. Most of these can be avoided by checking for problems early and having simpler, less expensive repairs.The typical strategy is to have an air conditioner serviced twice a year, before each heating and cooling season. You can also check filters often. For an AC used frequently, once a month is good so you can keep up on cleaning or replacing the filter as soon as it’s necessary. Regular maintenance will maximize efficiency, keep you comfortable, and avoid unexpected and costly replacements.
  • Better Air Quality: With regular AC maintenance in Long Island, NY, a contractor will clean the inside of the air conditioning system. Any dirt that collects on the machine interior can easily get into the air, and expose everyone to anything from gases and vapors to excess pollen, dust, and other airborne particles. The filters and evaporator coils are especially vulnerable. A maintenance call can have you breathing easier in no time, so this is yet another reason to consider having your AC checked out.
  • Lower Monthly Bills: If there’s any dirt coating the internal components of your AC, or some parts aren’t working their best, the system is going to work a lot harder to get the same results. It just won’t be able to use the same rated power to cool or heat the air the way you want. Sure, the system will try to match what you set it to and what the thermostat has been adjusted for. The higher energy expenditure, however, will translate to a more expensive utility bill and tighter budget.

These are just three reasons you should have AC maintenance in Long Island, NY. Compared to waiting for a major failure, routine service calls are relatively inexpensive. They can keep your AC running smoother, more efficiently, and for longer. Contact Rebmann Plumbing for a qualified technician to check your AC this spring and you’ll see the benefits.


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