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6 Helpful Tips to Avoid Scams on Heating Service

A heating service is only one phone call away and if your heating system is currently experiencing issues, you need to get on it immediately. However, during your search for a reliable heating contractor, you need to make sure you don’t wind up with a scam. Don’t get us wrong; there are certainly more trustworthy services out there than there are dishonest ones. But in the odd chance that you stumble upon a bad apple, it may just ruin your entire winter. Not only will a scam service be more likely to leave you without consistent heating throughout the season, it will also put your family’s well-being at risk. Repairs from an under-qualified, unlicensed technician will leave your heating system at greater risk of creating home heating fires. It may also be more likely to leak out harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Faulty installation work will also have its setbacks. A poorly installed system may result in frequent breakdowns and higher costs on energy bills due to lower efficiency. The system may bring so much trouble that you may need to seek furnace or boiler replacement much sooner than you expected. Fortunately, there is a way around these scams, and all it takes is a few simple actions to make it possible. When your comfort is at stake, you need heating service that’s the real deal and won’t leave any issue with home heating go unresolved.

Why You Should Call Rebmann for Service

Rebmann is here to provide you with high-quality heating service that you can count on. We pride ourselves on honest, dependable service that will always be there for you. Our team of heating contractors are the most experienced in the local area. They’ve spent years bringing home heating systems up to their full potential, and yours will be no exception regardless if it’s a furnace, boiler, or heat pump. We also offer a wide range of heating services to guarantee your 100% comfort for the season including installation, repair, replacement, and even just a quick maintenance check. We’ll make sure even the smallest, hard-to-find heating issues are fixed to prevent them from getting worse. With our help you will experience greater system efficiency and lifespan, ensuring you save money on energy bills and furnace repair. You will also be kept at a better peace of mind knowing your family is kept comfortable throughout the winter. Season-long relaxation starts with a call to Rebmann!

How Can Avoid the Scams?

We want to see you provided with the most honest, reputable heating service imaginable. However, in the event you suspect you come across an untrustworthy contractor, please follow these 6 helpful tips:

  1. Get Written Estimates: Always make sure to get estimates in writing before any work begins. You deserve to know how much money you will be paying for service, and any estimates in writing will make sure there are no surprises when the time for payment arrives. You may notice a contractor show hesitancy toward getting estimates on a formal document, which means you should avoid them at all costs.
  2. Always Ask for Replaced Parts: One trick used by untrustworthy contractors is saying they replaced HVAC parts when they actually didn’t replace a thing. Even if a contractor is telling you the truth, it’s a good thing to ask to see replaced parts just to be safe.
  3. Beware of Used Parts: Another common trick employed by a scam service is replacing HVAC parts with used ones. The main problem with this approach is that the used parts will not guarantee improved system efficiency and will only make you spend more on emergency heating repairs. If a contractor offers used parts for replacement, turn down the offer.
  4. Beware of Upfront Money Requests: It is immediately suspicious if the contractor is asking to be paid upfront before any heating work begins. While contractors will give upfront pricing, payment should be made after the project is completed. You should also avoid writing checks to the contractor and instead write them to the company.
  5. Avoid Offers for Frequent Tune-Ups: You should receive a tune-up on your heating systems once a year to ensure a steady flow of heat in your home for the next 12 months. However, it’s a warning sign if the contractor is offering you multiple tune-ups throughout the year, as it may indicate they’re trying to make more money off you.
  6. Get a Second Opinion: If you feel like the price a contractor is giving you may be too high, you should seek a second opinion from another contractor. Giving yourself the choice between two prices will give you a clearer sense of the average price for the service you need. If the first contractor’s price is revealed to be well above average, it’s time to consider another contractor for service.

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