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5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Repair in New York

As one of your home’s major appliances, it’s not surprising to hear that water heaters can come across their share of problems. However, this doesn’t mean you should run out and get a replacement whenever something goes wrong. Many of these issues are ones that can be fixed by trained professionals. By calling for a repair, you can save money by fixing a problem before it becomes permanent. Rebmann can help you learn when you should call for a water heater repair in your New York home.

Here are five issues that can be solved by a water heater repair in your New York home:


Noise issues

Like all major appliances, you can expect a bit of noise to come from your water heater. However, sediment build-ups can cause louder popping and crackling noises that necessitate some maintenance. As sediment builds up on the bottom of the tank and solidifies, it makes noises when the air pockets inside the solid sediment start boiling. Too much sediment inside the tank can cause it to corrode or even crack. Annually flushing the tank can go a long way to preventing sediment issues.


Rusty water

Having your home’s water supply become rusty generally means you need new pipes. However, if the rust is limited to your hot water, the problem is with your water heater. Both of these are serious issues that should have you calling us. Oftentimes, when your water tank is corroding from the inside out, you’ll need to buy a new one before the old one breaks.


Mineral problems

If your home has hard water, you might have to deal with various problems from the minerals in it. Minerals can build up around your water tank’s heating elements. This will make it harder to heat the tank or even cause the heating element to overheat. Also, minerals can build up in the pipes themselves and block off the water, reducing the water pressure. Buying a water softener for your home can help make your water softer.


Heating problems

Water heaters are supposed to heat water. If yours isn’t doing that, then you have a problem. Depending on what your water heater uses to heat the water, you’ll have to either relight the pilot light or check the circuit breaker. Sometimes you might not have enough heat because it’s very cold outside and your pipes need more insulation. However, if power, heating, and insulation aren’t helping, you might be dealing with built-up sediment, a faulty thermostat, or a worn heating element.



A leaking tank is an obvious problem. However, it’s one you might not notice if you don’t regularly check the tank. At best, the leaking might be coming from the fittings, temperature release valve, or connections. If those aren’t leaking, the tank may have developed a crack and needs replacing.


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