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4 Benefits of Hybrid Heating Systems in Long Island, NY

New Year’s resolutions for 2016: Exercise more, laugh more, spend less on utilities.

If your resolutions for the upcoming year are anything like the above, then here’s the good news: hybrid heating systems in Long Island are simply amazing for lowering your utility bills!

What Exactly Is a Hybrid Heating System?

Great question. Well, you know what a hybrid car is, right? One that runs on electricity for a certain distance and up to a specific speed, but switches to gas when either the electric battery’s spent or in the event the driver speeds up. In other words, a hybrid vehicle is a smart system where certain triggers cause the powertrain to use one form of power or the other.

A hybrid heating system works on a very similar system. When it’s warm or hot, a heat pump sends power to your AC to cool your home. When the outdoor temperature is cool or even slightly cold, the same heat pump extracts heat from the air and uses that to warm the home. However, when the outdoor temperature drops to 40 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat pump is no longer the most effective way to heat a home. At that point, the system switches to a furnace, which is typically fueled by oil, gas or propane. As long as the temperature remains below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the furnace is the heat source the system uses.

Benefits of Hybrid Heating Systems in Long Island

A hybrid heating system has four distinct benefits:

  1. It’s cost-effective. Because the system automatically selects the most economic way to heat the home, you’ll be saving money without even having to do anything!
  2. It’s environmentally friendly. Okay, so oil-powered furnaces aren’t good for the environment, but so long as you choose a gas-powered furnace, your carbon footprint will dwindle. What’s more: there’s more consistency to gas prices, so in the long run, it’s likely to work out better for your budget.
  3. There’s less upkeep. Heat pumps are relatively easy to maintain, and since you’ll only be using the furnace when it’s really cold, there’ll be less maintenance needed for that, too.
  4. It will enhance the value of your home. Any home improvement that results in cost-savings and benefits the environment adds to your home’s value.

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