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Questions To Ask During a Heating Tune-Up

A heating tune-up is in order if you are beginning to feel a certain chilliness in the air, that can only mean one thing: fall is on its way. The weather will only get chillier from here, and you need to make sure you are prepared for the low outdoor temperatures with a heating tune-up from Rebmann. Even if you are confident that your furnace will be able to withstand the season’s coldest weather, you need a heating tune-up once a year. If you have yet to get one in 2016, you need to get it done right now or else you may experience a long season filled with discomfort and cold nights. You may also have to spend more money on energy bills and experience worse indoor air quality that will make it difficult for you to catch a breath of fresh air in your home.

Expert Heating Tune-Up Services

At Rebmann, we want you to avoid those problems at all costs. Our team of licensed heating contractors can provide you with a heating tune-up that will take care of any existing issues within your furnace that will otherwise prevent the system from working at its best. Our work ensures your furnace is able to work efficiently for years and keep the risk of safety hazards like carbon monoxide exposure down to a minimum. We also work quickly so your furnace is delivering improved heating performance as soon as possible. Best of all, we can ensure you have comforting, steady heat through the fall and winter so you are not spending a single moment stuck in the cold.

Questions to Ask Your Heating Contractor

Many homeowners are unaware as to what a heating tune-up actually entails. Our procedure is extensive and it may be tough for the average homeowner to keep track of it all. In that case, you may have a lot of questions for the heating contractor so you know what service you are getting for your furnace. Then next time you feel a little lost during the heating maintenance process, please ask any of the following 10 questions:

  1. Have the Air Filters Been Replaced? The air filters within the furnace need to be cleaned and replaced frequently. Though the filters are responsible for establishing steady air flow from the furnace, they will eventually become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. This can result in poor indoor air quality and force the furnace to work harder to produce warm air. It’s important to ask your heating contractor if they have completed this step so you know air flow from the system will continue uninterrupted.
  2. How are the Electrical Connections? Sometimes your furnace problems will have something to do with faulty electrical connections. Frayed or loose wiring will not only prevent your furnace from working at its best, but also prove unsafe as it will lead to a higher risk of electrical shock or residential fires. Ask the heating contractor if there are many problems with the electrical connections to ensure they are tightened and reliable.
  3. Are There Contaminants on the Burner? The burner of your furnace will mix air and fuel to create heat. However, due to a buildup of contaminants, it may not be able to work properly. The contractor will usually inspect the burner for any contaminants and determine if it needs to be cleaned out so overall system efficiency is not impacted in any way. If you are unsure on the status of the burner, ask the contractor if contaminants have been found so you will have a better idea on what work will need to be done to ensure burner is working at its best.
  4. Are There Leaks in the Gas Line? A leak in the gas line of your furnace is a huge safety risk and puts the lives of your family in jeopardy. Worse, a gas leak can heighten the risk of residential fire or combustion. A heating contractor should be making this a top priority, especially when it can mean all the difference between being able to live in your home safely. It’s good to ask them just to make sure your gas line is safe.

A Few More Heating Tune-Up Considerations

  1. Has the Heat Exchanger Been Inspected? The heat exchanger is the most essential part of the furnace, so you have every right to ask the contractor whether it has been inspected thoroughly. This component is responsible for distributing heat throughout the home. Fortunately, heating maintenance from a contractor at Rebmann will ensure your heating system is distributing heat evenly and without disruption.
  2. Why is the Furnace Making Loud Noises? Your furnace may be running into a problem where it is making loud, highly disruptive noises whenever you turn it on. If this problem does indeed apply to your heating system, you need to make sure the heating contractor is inspecting the source of the noises. It could be indicative of a wide range of problems with your furnace’s internal components and will need to be fixed by the contractor immediately before they grow into something much worse.
  3. Did You Replace the Thermocouple? The thermocouple is the part of the furnace that measure the temperature within the system. However, since it can also prove a major source of heating failure, you may want to consider replacement. The heating contractor will make this a part of the tune-up procedure by determining whether replacement will be needed, so it’s always good to ask just to make sure.
  4. How are the Safety Controls? The safety controls of the furnace may include a pressure-relief valve, pressure alarms, flame monitoring systems, etc. Your safety should always come first no matter what, so it is certainly helpful to ask the contractor this question. You need to know if the furnace’s safety controls are working at their best, and a contractor should check them to ensure they are not hindered by any issues.

Contact Rebmann today if you want to learn more about our excellent service from one of our licensed heating contractors. Especially if you think you’ll need a heating tune-up!


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