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Isn’t it funny that no one really thinks about their drains until they’re no longer draining? You run the water, it disappears, everything’s great. But if you run the water and nothing happens, then suddenly you’re very much aware of your drains and you’ve got a decision to make – call a professional drain cleaning service, or try and clear the drain yourself.

Of course, the commercials make it seem so simple. Pour some goo down the drain, wait 20 minutes, and your clog magically disappears. But what they don’t tell you is that over time, that goo can corrode your pipes and open up a whole new set of problems. Really expensive ones.

What Causes Drain Clogs?

In a word, anything. Anything that can get into your pipes has the potential to clog them. But it’s exceedingly rare that something will accidentally fall into your drains and clog them, so if you’ve got a stoppage, as hard as it may be to face, it’s more than likely your fault.

Some of the things that frequently clog drains are:

  1. Hair. If you don’t have a trap in your shower and you don’t see any hair after you shampoo, it’s got to be somewhere, right?
  2. Food. Some people seem to think they have a garbage disposal when the truth is they don’t. Small food particles can move through, but the bigger pieces get caught.
  3. Grease. If you’ve ever seen grease coagulate, this one should come as no surprise. Once it hardens on the inside of pipes, it’s there until someone does something about it.
  4. Certain toilet paper. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra. The bargain brand toilet papers don’t dissolve as well in water and can become a real problem.

Keeping your drains free of all of these potential clogging agents – and any others that may end up in there – should keep your water flowing, but if not, be sure to contact a professional!

Are you looking for some expert drain cleaning service in the Manhasset area? Then look to Rebmann! Rebmann has the experienced professionals to handle all of your residential Long Island drain clog problems.


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