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Natural Gas Burner Installation in Long Island

How much do you pay for your home’s heating every year? Is it over a thousand? Over $1500? Over $2000?

A Gas Burner Installation Can Save You Hundreds Every Year

If you have a home that is heated with oil as a fuel source, you’re wasting money every year. Why? Because oil is a foreign product that has become wildly expensive in just the past few years. Average prices have skyrocketed from about $1,000 to more than $2200 annually in just the past ten years! Plus, oil burning releases dangerous and destructive emissions, giving you a larger carbon footprint.

Why pay more for less efficient heating? A natural gas furnace can heat your home for less than half the cost, and it produces far fewer carbon emissions, making it better for the environment. Overall, natural gas is a far more energy efficient fuel source, and it’s domestic, meaning that the price is far more stable. Millions of Americans have already made the switch to natural gas home heating by replacing their old, broken down oil-powered devices with natural gas burners. Gas burner installation has become and immensely popular service — and the government is getting on board! It’s easy for Long Island homeowners to find rebates and gas line connections, since heating system manufacturers and legislators alike are trying to push for more homeowners to use natural gas heating.

The benefits of natural gas are clear:

  • Better Energy Efficiency – Gas burners eliminate waste by burning cleaning and more effectively transferring energy. As opposed to oil burning, which tends to generate about 30% more waste, the sleek and highly advanced engineering of gas burners allow them to generate and disperse heat directly throughout your home.
  • More Modernized – There’s really no question that natural gas is the future of home heating.Getting a gas burner installation now ensure that you will be ahead of the game when legal energy efficiency standards start to require natural gas!
  • Savings that Pay for Themselves – When your home’s heating system is powered by natural gas, you’ll save hundreds of dollars every year. Over time, those savings will more than pay off the initial investment! Since natural gas typically costs just $750 a year and oil to gas costs over $2,000, you can expect the savings to cover the price of installation in just 5 to 8 years.

Look into natural gas heating today. The Rebmann heating experts can help you with a consultation, and we do change outs on any oil burner system to help you upgrade and improve your home. Call Rebmann for gas burner installation today!

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